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Two Innovation Webinars You Can’t Afford to Miss

There have been several great films that have come out recently. Get Out is an instant masterpiece—a horror comedy directed by comedian Jordan Peele. Logan is a superhero film featuring the Marvel Comics character Wolverine, played by the inimitable Hugh Jackman and directed by James Mangold. La La Land is a psychological horror that relies on clumsy dancing and off-key singing to terrify audiences.

The three movies mentioned above are all well written and directed, but I can’t help feel that they would have been more entertaining if produced as webinars instead of cinematic experiences. Films are a passive experience but webinars are about real flesh and blood. A raw-boned experience with presenters risking everything by laying out the unvarnished truth for success to audiences who dare to attend.

Speaking of, here are recordings of two wildly successful product innovation webinars that you definitely want to see.

Internet of Things: The Impact on Innovation

It seems that most product companies are racing to create “smart devices” that will simplify how we manage our homes, cars, our health and improve our business efficiency. Internet of Things (IoT) solutions promise to connect us to devices anywhere and anytime—regardless of where we are in the world. More importantly, IoT should help us gather and analyze information so we can make better decisions.

The convergence of software with electronics however creates new challenges in design and new product development. More and more companies include IoT functionality in their products today and the lack of regulations coupled with our need to protect privacy has created a new “wild west” for consumers and product companies alike.

Arena’ Director of Product Marketing Scott Reedy and BeyondPLM’s President Oleg Shilovistsky share how IoT is impacting products, our lives, and the way we innovate.

In this webinar, you’ll:

  • Explore what IoT companies are doing today
  • Gain insight into how companies are managing development of IoT solutions
  • Understand the impact of hardware/electronics/software development convergence

Avoid Product Launch Failure: Best Practices for Aligning Your Engineering and Quality Teams

Creating quality products in our fast-paced world isn’t easy. Today’s leading companies face greater challenges with shorter development cycles, distributed supply chains and greater product complexity. Mechanical, electrical, software, and other design teams must work together to support agile, lean, and hybrid development processes.

What can your product team do during the development phases to improve product launch success rates?

Tech-Clarity President Jim Brown and Arena Product Marketing Manager Ann McGuire have a lively discussion and look into the best practices for aligning your mechanical, electrical, software, and quality teams throughout the entire product lifecycle for maximum results.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  •  Why product launch failure rates are growing in many industries
  • How companies are removing barriers between design teams
  • What to do if you want a single cohesive development-to-production process
  • Tools to ensure your high-quality products get to market on time

This webinar provides insights into best practices for innovation and mitigating the many pitfalls which could lead to product launch failure.

Just like video games, films are being replaced by webinars that are quickly becoming the predominant form of entertainment and education for individuals eager to learn the best practices for product development success. Check out either or both of these great webinars today.