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Arena Powers Trilliant’s Support of World’s Energy Retailers

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smart-cityPopulation growth, pollution and limited natural resources have created an urgent need for innovative energy solutions that are smarter, cleaner and more efficient. The development of green buildings, smart grid hardware and meters, hybrid electric vehicles, “buildings as batteries” and a list of other energy-meets-IoT breakthroughs are booming.

Trilliant is one such innovative energy company. The Canada-based company is literally a powerhouse with leading utilities and energy retailers from around the globe. Collectively, Trilliant serves millions of homes and businesses.

Trilliant offers the energy industry’s only enterprise-wide Smart Communications Platform for connecting the internet of things (IoT) through a secure, standards-based, multi-technology, open spectrum solution. With the most field-proven and globally compliant solution, they maximize smart grid and smart city investments to make operations future-ready. 

“Trilliant used Arena to support our processes across a globally distributed supply chain,” said Norman Whitehead senior research and development design engineering Technologist for Trilliant. “For us, the Arena solution has been key for management of global supply chain and enables our suppliers to have real-time access to data and documents.” 

With increased globalization, and an increasingly complex supplier network and advanced manufacturing processes and operations, Whitehead needed a centralized product development platform that streamlines processes across a globally distributed supply chain to reduce time to market and maximize new product introduction (NPI)

With customers in Europe and a supply chain distributed across Asia, time to market was critical. “The ease of use, implementation and ability to quickly make changes made Arena's cloud-based solution a great choice” said Whitehead. 

More high tech manufacturers realize that a flat world presents greater opportunities but also increased complications, such as managing team alignment and securing sensitive IP across a globally distributed supply chain. Arena streamlines your processes to turn today's utility industry’s technology challenges into product development success. 

Arena is the product development platform that enables Trilliant to help the leading energy retailers maximize business results.

To learn more about how Arena helps innovative utility companies achieve success click here

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