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Maximize Enterprise Social Collaboration In Today’s Manufacturing Workplace

Social_LaptopWhy it’s time to get scribing

Enterprise social collaboration is more than just a tool—it’s a solution that transforms business processes and releases the limitless impact of human capital by bringing familiar, consumer-like social media forms of collaboration to the enterprise.

Social collaboration makes the process of brainstorming, ideation, innovation, and generation of ideas easier. And—it keeps them all in one place, allowing newbies to get up to speed faster.

The benefits of enterprise social platforms breed co-creation, brainstorm-hitchhiking, shared values, and fosters a culture of collaboration that can be leveraged internally beyond the network. Studies have proven that over 75 percent of organizational learning is via informal, tribal knowledge and information sharing.

Furthermore, in a recent global Accenture survey of 4,000 business people, 98 percent who deployed social collaboration have claimed to benefit. The specific benefits included helping teams to locate subject matter experts faster, obtain the information necessary to innovate and work on a range of projects with external partners, vendors, and/or customers using professional workflows.

Arena knows that OEMs that cast and develop a wide collaborative net of internal experts, suppliers, partners, and customers, will enjoy a competitive advantage over those without these social tools.

To that end, the Arena Fall 2014 release will include Arena Scribe, a unique, easy to use secure and flexible collaboration tool with a real-time commenting page available in Arena BOMControl. Users can collaborate on any Item, Change, Request, Supplier, Supplier Item, File, Project or Quality process.

Arena Scribe improves team efficiency, ups product quality, reduces product cost, and speeds time to market by enabling real-time communication about product development throughout the supply chain.

No other product lifecycle management (PLM) provider on the market has a social collaboration solution that is integrated with the product record. Arena Scribe aggregates collaboration knowledge sharing among supply chain members into a single repository. Permanently. Like ancient petroglyphs, this important knowledge is stored in perpetuity as a historical record.

All stakeholders across the supply chain can take part in documented open discussion and problem resolution while looking at the product record.

Email alerts keep hot topics top of mind and your Arena PLM Dashboard displays recent activity on the topics you elect to follow. “Follow”, or “Un-follow” just like the way you already collaborate.  Arena Scribe is for companies that care about high functioning teams that work together to solve problems fast.

Let’s cut to the chase, Arena Scribe allows in-context, interdisciplinary and international cooperation across the supply chain with the following benefits:

  • Improved time to market – Operations, manufacturing, quality, and engineering collaborate in context, discussing and documenting comments from all stakeholders to speed time to market.
  • Higher product quality – Teams build better products in a culture of continuous improvement, where they are alerted to new issues, and can participate actively in active real-time dialogues.
  • Reduced costs and greater efficiency – Centralized and instant communications between operations, manufacturing, and development reduce communication errors that result in scrap and rework to improve efficiency and maximize return on investment.

Scribe is a technology platform that can be employed to facilitate collaboration so that the uninitiated can get started immediately.

So stop thinking of social networks as just another venue for marketing. Arena Scribe is a Facebook-like collaboration tool for the manufacturing industry. And that’s not just cool—that’s powerful.