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Fall ’12 Feature Focus: PartSaver Shortcut for Item Creation

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Save to BOMControl

Last week, we talked about using PartSaver for BOMControl. I wanted to share an “easter egg” that you get automatically with this new feature. While not life changing, I think it is cool and can save you time. You can use PartSaver to create an Item, Supplier Items and a source relationship—all in one step!

Create Items with a Single Click

Here’s how it works. After you’ve installed the Save to BOMControl bookmarklet, try clicking it while you’re still in your BOMControl workspace. You’ll get a PartSaver window where you can enter Item and Supplier Item information. When you click Save, all the records are created and connected.

Imagine the time you will save for each and every Item you create in your bill of materials with this shortcut! Time you could be using to do innovative design and manufacturing work.

The PartSaver shortcut is also the perfect way to get custom mechanical parts into your bill of materials. Your new sheet metal bracket – instantly created as an Item! The metal shop down the street that you just found to prototype it? In there.

Now, to be clear, you will need to go back into the Item to add item number and custom attribute details. But for pure speed getting basic data into BOMControl, I hope you enjoy this shortcut.

Learn more about PartSaver and BOMControl