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Your right-sized BOM management toolkit in the cloud


We’re offering something new at Arena—single-user, lightweight BOM management.

Let me explain.

We’ve come a long way since our early days as, and today Arena BOMControl is used by thousands of manufacturers around the world. And while we’ve solved the problem of capturing, communicating and controlling product data for small to midsize organizations with our cloud PLM software, we know that data management is still a challenge for the lone hobbyist, the garage startup or the small business that is still deciding on vendors and processes or building out their supply chain.

Managing product data should be a no brainer—even if you’re just two guys in a garage

To solve this problem, we’ve launched two new products that can help manufacturers and engineers get their designs documented and shared earlier in the process—Arena PartsList and Arena Exchange.

Together, PartsList and Exchange create a lightweight solution that requires no organizational initiative and no setup. Using PartsList and Exchange together, engineers can import designs from ECAD, automatically pull in critical component information and create a fully documented BOM (which can be shared as read-only build package for fast quoting or building.)

How PartsList and Exchange help you document and share your designs from Day One

Arena PartsList—create and share clean, fully documented BOMs

Arena PartsList is the ultimate lightweight tool for design engineers. With one click, PartsList turns any list of parts into a purchasable BOM you can share with doc control, purchasing, or potential vendors.

If you import designs from your ECAD tool and select Autofill, PartsList will automatically pull the datasheets and key component attributes for all the parts in your list. If you’re browsing parts online, you can use the PartSaver bookmarklet to capture critical component information in one click.

You can use PartsList to create any number of parts lists, organize them however you like them to share your lists with anyone who needs them by exporting to CSV or PDX.

Exchange—display PDX build packages in an easy-to-read, navigable format

Exchange is a free tool for sharing easy-to-read, organized BOM data with anyone who needs it. Arena Exchange opens any PDX file (including ones you create with PartsList) and can be used on any operating system or machine. Exchange takes the hassle out of handing off the BOM and is a great tool to use with vendors and suppliers.

Although easy to use, Exchange is extremely robust. In addition to viewing PDX files, you can use Exchange to break a build package up into smaller subsets of data to share with subcontractors, vendors, or manufacturing partners. With the ability to preview your files, or share exported change orders as redlined PDX packages, you can be sure you are always sending the right data downstream.

Right-sized PLM solutions for every manufacturer, at every stage of development

Although we are extending the benefits of Cloud PLM to a larger audience, don’t think we’ve forgotten about our current customers. At its core Arena is about cloud collaboration—whether through our new lightweight apps, or our scalable BOM and engineering change management solution.

We decided to extend the benefits of Cloud PLM to a wider audience because we believe that all manufacturers—at all stages of development—deserve an easy-to-start, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use solution for centralizing product data and sharing BOMs with suppliers.

With PartsList and Exchange, we now fully support product design at every stage of the market. We have tools for the individual, for the partnership, for the startup, for the small and midsize companies, and for the large organization. At any size, and any price point, you can rely on Arena to help you capture and easily share your designs.