Simplified Collaboration for Your Supply Chain



Today’s product companies must interact with many design, manufacturing, and supplier partners. Your supply chain may include dozens or even hundreds of direct and indirect partners. Figuring out how to stay on the same page to collaborate effectively is harder than ever. And the traditional approach of providing every person at every level of your supply chain with licensed access to your product record system is both costly and difficult to administer.

Arena solves this problem with a unique solution that removes administrative headaches, yet keeps access secure and auditable. With Arena Exchange, you simply invite your partners to collaborate around any given design or build package. They can then view, comment, or download the latest product information including bills of materials (BOMs), documents (drawings, SOPs, work instructions, etc.), manufacturers (AML), and supplier (AVL) data. Your partners can also invite their partners to review the same product design or build package to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Connecting Complex Supply Chains

Graphic-Connecting Complex Supply Chains



Enhances Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Creates a single place for ideas and solutions, connected directly to the product
  • Optimizes collaboration with contract manufacturers, design partners, and suppliers with in-context comment streams around the product record
  • Leverages an open standard format to share build packages during RFQ, prototype, and production ramp processes
Reduces Collaboration Cost and Confusion
  • Eliminates the frustration, effort, and loss of continuity of disconnected conversation methods (e.g., email, file sharing, faxing, spreadsheets)
  • Provides all collaboration in one place connected to the product design
  • Removes need for user licenses and training for partners’ employees
  • Gives global access to all partners at no extra charged
Removes Barriers to Access for Entire Supply Chain
  • Enables intuitive invite features with an integrated commenting stream tied directly to the product design package
  • Scales your review process with entire supply chain by allowing direct partners to invite their partners as needed
  • Eliminates IT involvement and access control maintenance issues due to employee turnover at your primary or secondary suppliers


Arena Exchange provides you with a solution that accelerates collaboration without costly and cumbersome user provisioning or training burden. When collaboration is simple and intuitive, your internal teams and supply chain partners can stay on the same page. So, don’t wait any longer. Contact us today to learn how Arena Exchange can simplify supplier collaboration.

To find out how you can join our community of innovative customers, contact [email protected] or call 1.866.937.1438.

Easy to Use

Supply chains are fluid and constantly evolving. It is extremely difficult and time consuming to keep up with all of the changes with your partners as they experience employee turnover. Arena Exchange removes the user license provisioning tasks completely by allowing your team to invite anyone via a known email address. Exchange grants access only to the specific design or build packages you designate. Partners don’t get any more or less. And Exchange eliminates the need for training with a simple collaboration interface that even your least technical partners can use.

In-Context Collaboration

You and your supply chain partners can review product design or build package information and then comment directly on this information. You no longer have to worry about collating multiple email threads, trying to associate email comments with attachments, or relying on other disconnected file share solutions. Your supply chain can view the relevant product information and remain confident that everyone is collaborating around the same exact product design with commentary that is connected and stored with the design information.

No Limits

Invite unlimited numbers of partners at no extra charge. Whether you have a small, local supply chain or a large, global one – everyone can participate without additional fees or licensing constraints.


Provides an easy to follow audit trail of your partners’ access, comments, and approvals, tied to product design information.