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From Startup to Fortune 500: Straightening the path to success

Align Technology

“Make new friends, but keep the old”

We all heard this saying as a child, but I think it applies to business just as much as it applies to the playground. It’s one thing to celebrate new customers (and believe me, we do!) but it’s equally important to appreciate the ones who have supported your business since the beginning.

In the spirit of celebrating old friends, I want to take a minute to recognize Align Technology—one of our first customers. If you’re not familiar with Align, it’s the company responsible for the design, manufacture and marketing of Invisalign—the clear, removable aligners that both orthodontists and general dentists use to straighten their patients’ teeth.

In mid-2002, Align employed about 300 people. But with plans for major expansion, the company’s management team identified electronic document management as a vital component for continued growth. As part of that growth, Align chose Arena BOMControl to manage its data, and has been growing with us ever since.

I sat down recently with Meredith Yost, head of Doc Control for Align, to talk about some of Align’s most recent successes, and the challenges that accompany growth. We’ll be sharing the story in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned!