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SolidWorks Users Recognize Arena PLM as a Natural Fit for Controlling their Design through Manufactu

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Foster City, Calif., Jan 21 - Arena Solutions, the leading provider of on-demand product lifecycle management (PLM) software for manufacturers of all sizes, today announced that innovative, game-changing manufacturers

Developers and manufacturers who are focused on creatively pushing the limits, are also under great competitive pressure to deliver new products to market faster and can't afford to waste time on distracting or unproductive activities, such as chasing information that may reside in multiple, disparate locations or trying to manage product versions and outsourcing with a spreadsheet. Using Arena PLM, these manufacturers intelligently manage product and compliance information and project activities within a single central, shared repository. This repository serves as a central connection point to synchronize rapidly changing part and product structure information across systems, and it helps reduce design errors while increasing the speed of information exchange for the entire enterprise and their outsourcing partners.

Desktop Factory, named this summer by Business 2.0 Magazine as one of the top 10 game-changing startups most likely to upend its existing industry and spawn new entrepreneurial opportunities with its technology, implemented Arena PLM to manage product information, ease collaboration with outsourcing partners and free themselves to spend the majority of their time focused on their most important activities—creating and delivering their new and innovative 3D printer to market, a product that will undercut competitors by 75 percent.

"Arena PLM is the best IT purchase we've ever made. We rely on three important software solutions: SolidWorks, Epicor Vista, and Arena PLM. They are all winners in our mind and without any one of them, we'd be dead in the water," said Omar Ahsan, senior vice president of operations at Desktop Factory. "It's all about best of fit—together they form the core IT infrastructure for the company. We use SolidWorks for the design of our custom parts; Arena to manage all of our data in the form of BOMs, quotes, instructions, change control, dispositions, and more; and Vista to convert that information into product. We have a streamlined, 100 percent electronic workflow that never ceases to impress our supply base, customers, and competitors. Everyone who we give access to our Arena PLM system sees what they need to see, when they need to see it. There's no ambiguity with regard to drawings, dispositions, or revisions."

TissueLink Medical, a private company that develops and markets innovative surgical devices based on the Company's proprietary Transcollation(TM) technology, is another example of a company that uses Arena PLM. Transcollation technology simultaneously integrates saline and radiofrequency energy allowing thermal energy to gently reach targeted tissues via saline-induced liquid electrodes. Transcollation technology is currently used by surgeons to control bleeding during solid organ resection, orthopedic reconstructive and spine surgery.

TissueLink Medical, Inc. uses Arena PLM as their core product information management system. Arena PLM supports TissueLink Medical, Inc. by helping the company control a large amount of product information including the company's SolidWorks CAD data, BOMs, files, costs/quotes, and sourcing relationships. By automating their processes, from design through manufacturing, TissueLink Medical, Inc. is gaining early visibility into the impact of design decisions in areas such as cost, quality, and obsolescence—helping them avoid costly and time-consuming redesigns after parts and sourcing relationships are locked in. In addition, they are improving collaboration with their contract manufacturers (CMs) and the CM's vendors, ensuring everyone, internally and externally, has access to current product information.

"Because we've centralized our information, linked everyone into the process and gave them access to the information they need, when they need it, we've been able to significantly accelerate certain activities that help us get our products to market faster," said Tad Vaughn, vice president of operations, TissueLink Medical, Inc. "Arena PLM was the vehicle in dramatically improving turnaround time. By better focusing our efforts, we've been able to substantially reduce the total cycle time of our engineering change process. It has been a significant improvement."

"I would definitely recommend Arena PLM for a small company that is ready to grow. With it being web-based, the cost is right. It requires no additional server or IT support, and gives us the flexibility to scale up as needed," added Scott Segrin, engineering documentation manager at TissueLink Medical, Inc.

Because Arena PLM is a web native, on-demand (SaaS) application, companies gain significant advantages related to global access, in addition to cost savings, security, ease of implementation and use. All data is hosted by Arena, so customers need not maintain servers in multiple locations or require an IT support staff for the application, the way they would with other PLM applications. As a result, it takes little to no overhead to support Arena PLM, particularly across multiple locations.

"TissueLink Medical, Inc. and Desktop Factory are companies that clearly understand the way to thrive in today's business climate is to focus on innovation. They do a brilliant job of streamlining activities that are not absolutely critical for them to do themselves, including manufacturing, and adopt processes, such as PLM, that allow them to stay laser focused on bringing their cutting edge products to market," said Craig Livingston, chief executive officer, Arena Solutions. "We're proud these kind of ground-breaking companies use our Arena PLM software and that we can help support their incredible products in a behind the scenes way."

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