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Narragansett Imaging Adopts Arena PLM for Greater Control and Compliance with Strict Medical Industr

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Foster City, Calif., Oct 17 - Arena Solutions, the leading provider of on-demand product lifecycle management (PLM) software for manufacturers of all sizes, today announced that Narragansett Imaging has adopted Arena PLM to assert greater control over their product development process and maintain one complete product record in a single central repository where all product development-related data is contained. In addition, to meet increased demand from the medical industry and comply with its strict standards, Narragansett relies on Arena PLM to track, document, collaborate, report and enforce design and operational controls in order to demonstrate product compliance and due diligence.

The designer/manufacturer of OEM digital imaging cameras and customized solutions for biometrics, machine vision, defense, traffic, medical and other professional practices selected Arena PLM after a comprehensive evaluation of other major PLM application providers. Narragansett selected Arena PLM for its cost and on-demand advantages.

“Arena offers a big cost benefit that goes beyond savings on the service fees. With Arena PLM, we didn’t need to increase our IT spend to implement and maintain the software. We didn’t have to buy a dedicated server and we never need to worry about programming or updates. That kind of heavy administration is what other PLM systems require,” said Doug Sherman, vice president of engineering at Narragansett Imaging. “We’re a small organization with a global customer base, and we travel quite frequently. Because Arena PLM is web-based, any one of us—from Rhode Island to China—can access it from anywhere in the world over a standard Internet connection. It’s great.”

With only one week of formal training, help from an Arena-based project manager, and a single, focused Narragansett employee, the company performed all major steps associated with implementing Arena PLM and became productive using the software, including its engineering change order (ECO) and compliance functionality, in less than 10 weeks.

“To get something as powerful as Arena PLM in place and start controlling our documents without any trouble is a huge benefit for a company our size with limited resources,” said Sherman. “We must make the most of everything we do.”

A core objective of the Arena PLM implementation was to drive increased re-use of key designs and components already in use in their manufacturing supply chain. Narragansett’s engineering team is evaluated and measured on their ability to reuse key design information in new product designs. Prior to using Arena PLM, Narragansett engineers had difficulty finding and mass-updating the designs they had stored on the company’s engineering server, with a folder structure for each document.

“Storing all of our information on our engineering server wasn’t bad until we wanted to reuse a particular part, say a circuit from one camera to the other. We created duplicates in each folder and it became a nightmare when we made a change to it and could ensure that change got rippled through to all of the other products that incorporated it. It was nearly impossible to make sure the change was made in every related project folder. It set us up for potential errors,” added Gary Conforti, document control manager at Narragansett Imaging. “But now, with Arena PLM, we have one repository for all of our documents that is easily searchable and under ECO control. It alleviates that nightmare and threat of errors.”

“Narragansett needs fit exactly within the target of what Arena does best, and is a great start to leveraging the value of Arena. With what they’ve already accomplished with Arena PLM, it’s going to be much easier to do their jobs and satisfy their customers going forward,” said Michael Topolovac, chief executive officer of Arena Solutions. “But having now connected their cross-functional teams, I expect they’ll soon realize the even more robust kind of collaboration they can achieve and begin connecting to their manufacturing resource planning system and suppliers through Arena and enjoy an even higher level of control and productivity.”

About Narragansett Imaging
Narragansett Imaging is a privately held company based in Rhode Island, USA. Drawing on its over 40 years experience in the field of electronic imaging, Narragansett Imaging designs and manufactures CCD & CMOS digital cameras and camera modules for use in a wide range of OEM applications.

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