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Arena Breaks New Ground in Affordable, Accessible High-Performance PLM with Innovative TrueEdge Pack

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Foster City, Calif., Aug 31 - Arena Solutions, Inc., the leading provider of on-demand Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), today leveraged the competitive advantages of its on-demand service model to introduce a powerful new offering that makes world-class PLM easily accessible and eminently affordable for emerging growth customers. Like all Arena offerings, the new TrueEdge Pack can be implemented in a matter of days, and it provides the true depth of functionality and performance fast-growing companies need, at a highly attractive price. TrueEdge builds on the momentum of Arena as the world

“On-demand PLM is putting this powerful technology in the hands of companies of every size and stage of development, and Arena is proud to be leading the revolution,” said Michael Topolovac, CEO of Arena Solutions. “Arena TrueEdge is further proof that our approach and delivery model offers unmatched value to these companies as they seek to streamline and accelerate their product development and manufacturing processes.”

The TrueEdge offering is designed for young companies that want to get started with PLM early, but require a comprehensive, full-strength solution. It gives these companies and their suppliers access to a rich, full-featured PLM environment that includes Arena’s robust product data repository bundled with an extensive array of powerful PLM management tools, including Manufacturer Management, Vendor & Cost Management, Request Management, Change Management, and Advanced File Management.

The baseline offer includes 15 in-house licenses and an innovative “floating supplier license” that allows numerous suppliers to share a single license. Other PLM vendors require a separate license for each supplier, making integration of the supply chain into the PLM process cumbersome and cost prohibitive. In-house licenses include a mix of full and read-only licenses. Additional read-only licenses can be acquired at a low price, making it possible for customers to affordably provide everyone involved in the product development and manufacturing process access to Arena PLM. Pricing for the TrueEdge Pack begins at only $1,200 a month.

Arena PLM is built from the ground up as a highly scalable and configurable web-native application that is securely accessed as an Internet-based service by all customers. There is no hardware or software to setup, configure or install. Because Arena PLM is a true on-demand service, customers can be up and running on the solution as quickly as in a matter of days.

“Arena made it possible for Ario Data Networks to move onto its on-demand PLM solution in just 3 days. The speed of implementation was exceptional and critical to our business because we needed to be in market as fast as possible with our new products,” said Bal Singh, Vice President of Operations, Ario Data Networks. “Arena delivers far better ROI with much less pain of adoption than the client/server PLM solution I used at my last company. The new TrueEdge offer builds on that value proposition.”

Based on its rate of new customer acquisitions, Arena Solutions is now the industry’s fastest growing PLM solution provider. Its growth is being driven by the depth and scalability of its offering and the substantial customer benefits of its unique on-demand business model.

True On-Demand PLM vs. “Fake Free Hosting”
Until Arena, PLM was offered only as client/server software. However, client/server applications cannot match the benefits of on-demand solutions, such as ease of deployment, cost of ownership, return on investment and speed of innovation. Some client/server vendors are now reacting to the success of on-demand PLM and other on-demand enterprise applications by offering hosted configurations. In reality, these hosted client/server applications still embody the same high costs, complexities and limitations of typical client/server deployments. Hosted client/server is generally implemented on a minimal hardware configuration with multiple single points of failure. By comparison, Arena’s web-native service is built from the ground up on a highly secure and available financial services-grade infrastructure with local and off-site redundancy and the ability to provide robust, controlled access across complex supply chains. Additionally, hosted/client server suffers from the same reliability issues, slow time to fixes, patch requirements and sluggish pace of innovation that are inherent to the entire client/server model. On-demand PLM from Arena provides far greater speed of innovation, instant upgrades and no need for software patches.

“We’ve all heard about fake-free checking. Now there’s fake-free hosting,” said Topolovac. “While we and other leaders of the on-demand software movement might be flattered by our competitors’ disguised client/server approach, buyers must still beware. Companies who buy into hosted client/server, expecting the benefits and value of on-demand, will be disappointed. Only Arena has delivered an on-demand PLM service with the scalability, security, rich feature set and lasting economic advantages that our customers want and deserve.”

TrueEdge and the Arena Mission
“Arena Solutions continues to fulfill its mission to make superb PLM technology accessible and deployable for companies in every segment and stage of development,” said Topolovac. “TrueEdge makes it possible for emerging growth companies to adopt full-power PLM from the beginning and scale up rapidly through Arena’s on-demand delivery model as they grow.”

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