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Another Record. Arena Posts Largest Quarter Ever for New Customer Subscriptions

Arena, pioneer of cloud PLM applications, finished its fiscal second quarter of 2013 posting the largest quarter ever for new customer subscriptions. This marked not only a sixth straight quarter where Arena experienced net customer renewals of greater than 100%, but was also a 194% increase in new customer subscriptions compared to the same period a year ago.

Contributing to the success of the quarter was market anticipation for the Summer 2013 product release, which focused on improving the Arena experience for the administrator and change analyst. The release simplifies user security administration with improvements around workflow notifications and enhanced import capabilities. Notable, is a unique feature in the streamlined import process that includes a step that improves customers’ ability to review data before finalizing the import. Customers can now review summarized redline changes to all items, BOMs, and supplier items in a single, table-based window that is as convenient as reading a baseball box score.

“Our vision for the Summer 2013 release was to simplify the product to improve clarity, reduce overhead and provide a smoother, experience for both users and administrators,” says Steve Chalgren, Arena’s vice president of product management and strategy, “Of course we are now looking toward our big Fall 2013 release where we introduce three new products that will enable broader PLM capabilities, better integrations, and a special capability for the procurement/supply chain folks.”

The growing appeal of Arena’s robust functionality to larger-enterprise customers is reflected in the average initial subscription price of deals increasing 128% from the previous quarter. In addition, services revenue increased 74% from the previous quarter and a hockey-sticking 493% compared to the same quarter of last year. “By broadening our ability to solve more complex problems, we’re achieving a much deeper partnership with companies that range in size from fast-growing startups in need of a scalable solution, to larger customers with more sophisticated challenges,” says Chalgren. “Our ambitious feature roadmap has defined us as the de facto PLM standard of choice for innovative manufacturers in Silicon Valley and around the world.”

Arena PLM has helped manufacturers realize the benefit of manufacturing in the cloud by providing customers around a 70% reduction in ECO cycle times and a 20% reduction in time to market. Arena’s focus on helping businesses implement a PLM solution quickly at the lowest possible cost is echoed by its customers.

“Cost is a big deal,” says Dean Floyd, Shortel’s director of IT applications and compliance. “A number of other products were way too expensive, especially because we were still a smaller company. After doing the analysis and deciding on Arena, we were able to get it up and running pretty quick because it’s a cloud based system. Cost, ease of implementation and service were three reasons why we went with Arena.”

New-customer wins

Arena’s patented cloud-based PLM solution has enabled manufacturing companies across various industries to create some of the most innovative products on the market. Here is a sample of some of the high profile new customers Arena added this quarter:

  • Cognex Corporation – makers of machine vision and barcode readers
  • LUXIM Corporation – premier global supply chain partner for technology-driven companies
  • Mentor Graphics Corporation – leader in electronic design automation
  • Contour, Inc. – state-of-the-art prototyping and modeling house
  • Solantro Semiconductor Inc. – provider of highly integrated semiconductor chipset-based solutions
  • eSight Corporation – designer of energy management software

The Summer 2013 release symbolizes Arena’s commitment to delivering on the true promise of a cloud-based PLM solution, namely: cost savings by the removal of IT expenses, ease of implementation, and a faster path to ROI. “There are a lot of companies that say they are doing cloud but a true realized cloud solution combines cost savings with ease of implementation and use — just sign up and go,” says Chalgren.

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Arena pioneered cloud PLM applications. The company’s products, including BOMControl, PartsList and PDXViewer, enable engineering and manufacturing teams and their extended supply chains to speed prototyping, reduce scrap, and streamline supply chain management. Arena cloud PLM applications simplify bill of materials and change management for companies of all sizes, and offer the right balance of flexibility and control at every point in the product lifecycle—from prototype to full-scale production. Based in Foster City, Calif., Arena has been ranked as a Top 10 PLM solution and also holds a spot on the San Francisco Business Times’ Best Places to Work List for 2013.

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