Arena DataExtract Product

Simplify Business Process Analysis


Leverage Arena Product and Process Information


Arena DataExtract helps streamline the sharing of product and process information with any business intelligence (BI) solution. DataExtract provides an easy-to-configure, scheduled method to extract Arena Changes, Requests, Projects, Quality Records, Items, Bills of Materials (BOMs), Suppliers, and Supplier Items.

Leveraging Arena data, you can analyze your product development processes to identify trends, issues, and opportunities to improve cycle times, reduce costs, and make better business decisions.

Here are a few examples of product processes you can review using DataExtract.

DataExtract Product-examples of product processes
  • Identify process bottlenecks or barriers
  • Streamline processes and reduce cycle times
  • Reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction



Extract Product and Process Data
  • Easily identify trends and issues by reviewing Arena product and process data in any BI solution
Choose Data on Items, BOMs, AML, Changes, Requests, Projects, and/or Quality Records
  • Extract the right data sets to answer specific business questions with easily configured UI definition—no coding or technical experience required
Flexible Exporting Includes Immediate and Automated Scheduling
  • Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual processes. If you need an updated data set immediately, simply execute any configured extract with only one click
Configured Extracts Available in Arena Dashboard With User Notification
  • Better visibility and faster analysis with notification when extracts are available. Configured extracts ensure identical and consistent data sets can be reviewed for increased accuracy
Pair With Arena API to Automate Import Into BI Systems
  • Accelerates analysis by automating the import into BI and other downstream systems


With more complex products and global supply chains, it’s critical to understand, analyze, and improve your business
processes. Arena DataExtract streamlines your ability to leverage product and process information quickly for use in any
downstream application or BI solution.

Don’t wait any longer. To start using DataExtract, contact [email protected].


Exec Management and Team Leaders

Improved insights into product processes allows for better business decisions. With DataExtract, product teams can easily analyze Arena product and process information. In a world of ever-expanding data, getting the right data fast helps identify opportunities for continual process improvement.


  • Configure your data extract by specifying which data sets you wish to extract
  • Set the extract schedule based on your business needs and run it manually in between scheduled extracts if needed
  • Download the extracted file from the dashboard or Arena API (additional purchase may be required) to automate the import to any BI or downstream application
  • Use BI or other downstream systems to evaluate the extracted product