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Developing quality products in a fast-paced world isn’t easy. Your product processes involve multiple teams, locations, partners, and suppliers. These
dispersed teams must work from the same design, stay on budget, and respond to customer demands. At the same time, your product is always evolving. You need to deliver better products, faster and easier. Arena BOMControl helps your internal teams and supply chain partners streamline your product development processes anytime and anywhere.

Graphic- BOMControl Overview



Accelerates Product Processes
  • Automates your product release processes (e.g., ECRs, ECOs, Deviations)
  • Creates a transparent product record with best practice change management processes including notifications, auditable approvals, and personal dashboards
  • Shares information with your other critical upstream and downstream systems
Reduces Confusion and Increases Compliance
  • Provides single source of truth product record with all associated parts and documents required to source and build your product
  • Instills product-centric approach to managing bills of materials (BOMs) for sophisticated product companies
  • Connects manufacturer (AML) and supplier (AVL) information to the product record
  • Enables easy compliance to environmental requirements (e.g., RoHS, Conflict Minerals) and regulatory standards (e.g., FDA, EU MDR, ISO)
Streamlines Supply Chain Collaboration
  • Improves supply chain collaboration and accountability throughout the product lifecycle
  • Removes barriers to timely review with instant and easy to provision access anytime and anywhere
  • Delivers required information via secure, partner-specific roles access


Graphic-BOMControl Impact

Arena helps today’s product companies accelerate new product introduction and continuous product improvement. BOMControl is the foundation for your product development processes and accelerates delivery of innovative products fast. Here’s how:

Item Management

Create items with detailed product information with links to associated documentation and track revision history.

BOM Management

Create, manage, and share complex, multi-level bill of materials (BOMs) for the entire product team.

AML & AVL Management

Track manufacturers’ and suppliers’ parts with cost, specifications, and key component information.

Cost Management

Analyze material costs early in the development cycle and view cost roll-ups derived from quotes or estimates.

Document Management

Manage any type of document with complete lifecycle and revision control.

Change Management

Streamline and enforce your formal approval process for internal teams and external supply chain partners.


Perform simple or complex searches based on one or more attributes to find and track product development and new product introduction processes quickly.

Supply Chain Collaboration

Share product information and collaborate in real-time with key contract manufacturers, design partners, and component suppliers.

Environmental Compliance Management

Ensure your purchased components are compliant with environmental, industry, and standards regulations, including RoHS, REACH, WEEE, Conflict Mineral, and others.

Regulatory Compliance

Simplify compliance to ISO, FDA, EU MDR, and other compliance initiatives with a secure, single system to manage all your product information and processes.


Easily import and export your product information using multiple formats, including Microsoft Excel, CSV, and Product Data eXchange (PDX), which is part of the IPC-2570 Supply Chain Communication Standard.

REST API Integration

Integrate with ERP, CAD, CRM, and other systems to extend the benefits of product lifecycle management.

Product Development Platform

Create a solid foundation for managing your product information with internal and external teams. Quickly add functionality to encompass quality, projects, training, and other key product processes.

Supply Chain Enabled

Simplifies review and release between your internal teams and partners. Product companies with shorter innovation cycles must leverage multitiered supply chains to introduce new products. Arena’s cloud-based solution is designed for maximum flexibility to evolve with your changing product processes.

Single Source of Truth

Removes silos of information between engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, quality, and external partners. By unifying all electrical, mechanical, and software components along with documentation in one system, anyone with a secure login can access the latest product information, anytime and anywhere.

Business Ready

Eliminates risky science projects. Arena can be easily configured to support your product processes without costly coding or risky implementations. Our Cloud PLM solution is easy to setup and fosters quick user adoption to deliver the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) and fastest time to benefit.

Designed for the Cloud

Experience the ease of Software as a Service (SaaS) with no infrastructure barriers. Arena is built on a secure, multi-tenant cloud architecture. This approach maximizes performance, reduces cost, and automates recovery. With regular software enhancements pushed seamlessly to customers, you benefit from continual innovation to design and deliver high-quality products faster.

Keys To Streamline Product Development

  • Centralizes control of the entire product record and related product processes
  • Improves supply chain collaboration with formal and informal communication
  • Provides secure access and accountability for internal and external teams
  • Delivers comprehensive BOM management capabilities

Product Lifecycle Management For You

Accelerate your product development processes and time to market while improving product profitability. Don’t wait any longer. Start using Arena BOMControl today.

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