Transform from Reactive to Proactive

Speed Collaboration and Support Operational Goals

Introduce or improve products with streamlined collaboration.

  • Arena helps dispersed teams work on the latest product change information with better visibility, automated reviews, and proactive notification. Improved process workflows help everyone stay on the same page to reduce confusion and speed product launches.
  • With secure cloud-based access, team members can access product design and change information anytime and anywhere.

Arena PLM Overview

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Increase accuracy throughout your product team.

  • Arena easily integrates with other systems, like CAD, CRM, QC, and ERP. Eliminate duplicate data entry and free teams to focus on the product, project, or quality reviews.
  • These integrations ensure each system has the latest product information without user intervention.
Nutanix Testimonial

“It’s embarrassing to admit, but we had a number of instances where the suppliers built the wrong version of the product. It was ‘rev A’ all right, but the wrong rev A.”

— David Sangster, Senior Vice President of Operations, NutanixNutanix Logo

Set up and maintain compliant processes.

  • Arena keeps a history of employee and partner actions. This helps everyone follow defined processes.
  • During audits, product design and review history is easily accesses to provide immediate evidence of compliance with established procedures.
Nutanix Testimonial

“Although the Arena team was not involved in our FDA inspection, your solution helped us find and retrieve records quickly to address inspection requirements ahead of schedule. Thank you for supporting our needs and creating a solution that really works as promised!”

— Michelle J. Potvin, ASQ CQA | Director, Quality Assurance & Regulatory AffairsSwan Valley Quote

At Arena, we help document-control teams at both leading and emerging product companies provide instant, accurate information to their organization.