What is a Return Material Authorization (RMA)?

Return Material Authorization Definition

Return material authorization (RMA) is an arrangement in which the supplier of a good or product agrees to have a customer ship the item back to them in exchange for a refund or credit due to a product defect or malfunction. This type of arrangement can apply to a physical good as well as a software product and is applicable within a specified warranty period.


Why is RMA important?

RMAs help businesses monitor the financial impact of their return processes and assess customer satisfaction with products and services. In addition, RMAs protect companies from return fraud. Customers also benefit from RMAs by being able to efficiently track the status of their returns.

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How do customers obtain a return material authorization?

Customers typically initiate an RMA by contacting a customer service or technical support representative. If the representative determines that the product is defective, he/she will issue the customer an RMA number. The customer must include the RMA number with the product when it is shipped back to the manufacturer.

*Source: https://www.techtarget.com

What does RMA mean on a return?

An RMA indicates a refund, replacement, or repair for a returned product that is still under warranty.

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