What is a Multilevel BOM?

Multilevel BOM Definition

A multilevel bill of materials (BOM), also referred to as an indented BOM, depicts parent-child relationships and shows the hierarchical structure of product assemblies and their related parts and components. The structure of a multilevel BOM resembles a family tree and maps out all components and subassemblies for a product in two or more levels. Each BOM level will detail all the components that are directly or indirectly used in the production of a parent item.

What is a Multilevel BOM


How do you make a multilevel BOM?

A multilevel bill of materials (BOM) should list the components, assemblies, and materials required to make a part. It shows all components that are used in a parent item, either directly or indirectly. When an item is a subcomponent, blend, intermediate, or other type of item, all its components are displayed, including purchased parts and raw materials. A tree with multiple levels can be used to represent a multilayer system.

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What are the two main types of BOMs?

Engineering and manufacturing BOMs are the two most common types of BOMs.

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