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Delivering complex products to market is challenging in today’s global marketplace. Keeping your entire supply chain on the same page is critical to eliminate issues and delays getting products to market fast.

Arena product lifecycle management (PLM) helps consumer electronics companies address key challenges encountered when:

  • Ensuring interoperability of electronics and software
  • Collaborating with distributed teams and supply chains
  • Addressing continual technological advancements
  • Enabling compliance with evolving environmental and safety regulations
  • Meeting ever-compressing time-to-market windows
Arena PLM benefits include:
  • Aggregating the entire product design record (e.g., parts, documents, BOMs, AML/AVL, ECOs)
  • Eliminating confusion and errors between internal teams and supply chain partners
  • Streamlining new product development and introduction (NPDI)
  • Ensuring adherence to environmental compliance requirements (e.g., RoHS, REACH, conflict minerals)
  • Linking quality, project management, and requirements management to product realization processes
  • Reducing operational costs and increasing profitability

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Blast Motion Reduces Manufacturing Errors by 75%

"Having change control in place and allowing everyone to know what the change was helped us tremendously to reduce errors"

– Gary Kepp, Records Manager, Blast Motion

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