Arena Analytics

Data. Insights. Actions.



Easily configure reports, KPIs, and dashboards to spotlight risks and blockers in your business.

Using Arena Analytics, take data-driven actions to optimize product design, reduce costs, shorten time to market, and improve product quality.

Start using your ready-to-use dashboard today.

Streamline Complex Product Processes



Optimize Products and Processes
  • Focus on opportunities to improve your product and quality processes by products, process, people, manufacturing sites, or regulatory regions.
  • Monitor trends and drill down to understand the “why” behind them
  • Slice data to isolate potential blockers with built-in filters
Empower Teams
  • Get the information you need with out-of-the-box, job-focused dashboards
  • Share insights about product changes, quality, training, operations, and projects
  • Drill through to linked Arena objects to find the details
  • Schedule emailed reports (e.g., XLS/X, CSV, PDF)
  • Get notified of potential risks with alerts linked to KPI values
Reduce Risks
  • Evaluate process bottlenecks, gaps, opportunities, and risks
  • Analyze Items, Requests, Changes, Suppliers, Supplier Items, Projects, Quality, and Training


All customers have Analytics. With Arena Analytics, you have the power to see product and quality process performance. Analytics is scalable, secure, and always available. You get valuable insights to make better product decisions every day.

Analytics Designer, used to create custom dashboards and insights, is available with Arena Enterprise Packages.

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Your team can focus on using Analytics to gain critical business insights based on their roles. No code or analytics specialists are needed to answer your questions.


Leverage data from your Arena Item, Request, Change, Supplier, Supplier Item, Project, Quality, and Training records to support your goals. Adjust filters to get the information you need.

Analytics Designer

Included With Enterprise Packages

Customize to Your Needs

  • Build and share dashboards and insights for your own unique needs
  • Use custom attributes as filters and in insights to slice data further