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Arena engineering change management software is an essential part of your product realization success. Arena streamlines product review processes in context with the entire product record and related processes, enabling internal teams and external partners to collaborate effectively. With Arena you ensure changes are complete and accurate. Faster review cycles enable faster time to market.

What Does It Do?

With Arena, you can create, route, track, and release engineering changes quickly and effectively. Change processes are accelerated with automated routings based on specified criteria including change types, priorities, product lines, and other key attributes. Reviewers are notified through e-mails and dashboards. Product teams can view change cycle time performance, backlog, and change progress across all products and product lines.

Accelerating Innovation

Managing product changes with engineering change management software accelerates product improvements—new features, better quality, and/or lower cost of goods sold (COGS). It also simplifies involving specialists from your external supply chain partners during the review process.

Who Cares?

Everyone on your product team—from design to operations to your entire supply chain—can collaborate quickly to speed time-to-market.

  • Supply chain partners can share information before and after changes are released to streamline design for manufacturability (DFM) processes.
  • Procurement teams can share compliance and availability information throughout the development process to avoid purchasing non-compliant or difficult to source components.
  • Quality teams accelerate product quality improvements with change processes linked with quality/CAPA processes.
  • Engineering teams gain increased visibility through final production and eliminate burdensome administration.

What’s Unique

Managing product changes in Arena with your product information streamlines your change processes. Engineering change processes can be linked to quality, project, and design resolution processes.


With engineering change management software in Arena, you view and analyze all change activity across your organization. Find stalled changes and bottlenecks. Shrink your backlog. Bring your entire product team together to eliminate surprises, delays, and product issues. Deliver high quality products to market fast.

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  • Automates the review process with criteria-based routing, deadlines, and notifications
  • Tracks changes throughout the product lifecycle and provides in-context linking to the affected product record and related processes
  • Ensures complete change package with critical information like inventory disposition codes

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Provides complete visibility throughout the extended product realization team

Improve product developments

Accelerates introduction of new products, features, and enhancements

Automate processes

Automates and streamlines change processes

reduce admin costs

Reduces administrative overhead and cost