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Managing bills of materials (BOMs) in Arena accelerates your product realization processes. BOM management provides centralized control of the current, released revision along with all past and pending revisions. Arena manages complex assemblies that include mechanical components, electrical components, software, and documentation. With Arena’s intelligent BOM management solution, everyone can be confident they are always working on the right revision.

What Does It Do?

Arena structures product information into a hierarchical multi-level assembly structure. Controlling the BOM in Arena provides the necessary product development foundation to speed innovation and deliver superior products fast. Bill of materials management enables creating, redlining, importing, and exporting of components, drawings, documentation and approved manufacturer and vendor information (AML/AVL). Arena’s API-based integrations also enable passing the latest BOM to downstream systems like ERP to avoid manufacturing errors.

Reducing Confusion

A complete and accurate BOM facilitates new product introduction and quality management processes including CAPA management, project management, component demand aggregation, and employee training. The BOM is linked to all related product processes for complete team visibility throughout the product lifecycle. With instant access to the latest design release, both internal teams and external partners can collaborate to bring innovative products to market fast and efficiently.

Who Cares?

Bill of materials management software helps product companies manage all the product and process relationships. Everyone on the product team from engineering to operations to your supply chain can be confident they are designing and building to the correct revision of your product.

  • Engineering teams create, modify and share their designs in real-time and compare costs based on planned production volumes.
  • Supply chain partners collaborate, source, and build to latest release.
  • Procurement teams review released BOMs for component availability before placing orders and leverage electronic component databases like Octopart and SiliconExpert with Arena Supplier Item Lookup solutions.
  • Quality teams review designs and documentation for environmental, safety, and regulatory compliance.

What’s Unique

Arena provides the intelligence to manage complex product information in context with your critical business processes. Arena offers in-product mashups by pulling electronic component database information directly into the Arena BOM view. This provides current availability from approved suppliers along with BOM health and risk status. For more information, see Supplier Item Lookup for Octopart or SiliconExpert.


Arena software provides a single, unified system for all product information relating to your product BOM and eliminates the use of disconnected silos and manual methods of collaboration. Leveraging Arena’s Bill of materials management solution helps eliminate product design and production mistakes that can decrease customer satisfaction and reduce profits.

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  • Controls all product information in a hierarchical BOM
  • Stores past and future revisions of every assembly
  • Links to all related product development and quality processes
Provide Better Visibility

Provides complete visibility throughout the extended product realization team

Launch Products Faster With BOM Control

Accelerates new product and feature introduction

BOM Management Automation

Informs change, quality, and project processes

save money with bom management software

Reduces administrative overhead and cost