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Sustainability and the supply chain: A lean operations perspective

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Arena partner Bill Schneiderman of The Results Group recently wrote an article on sustainability and the supply chain for World Trade magazine.

His premise is that environmental sustainability is here to stay and that companies who marry an authentic approach to sustainability with a broader effort to make their operations more lean will achieve benefits for themselves, their supply chains, and their customers.

“Supply chain players must take notice that once again the forces of demand, public opinion and energy input cost are aligning with sustainability actions. In any reasonably imaginable economic scenario through recovery, it is likely that these forces will remain aligned. The temporary “blip,” as important as it is, will prove to have been this recession, not the push for more environmentally sustainable business. The key question going forward for any world trade protagonist is no longer whether environmental sustainability matters, but how businesses and various elements of the supply chain will respond to the threats and opportunities for innovation present in the business landscape.”

Schneiderman offers his perspective on where the big opportunities lie, discussing initiatives like the development of regional supply chains, improvements that could make rail and ship more attractive transport methods, and continued innovation in solar and other alternative energies.

Read the full article on the Results Group website.

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