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ERP Logic—a cloud ERP provider that offers real value

Arena has been a proponent of cloud solutions for over a decade. And now, by forming partnerships with like-minded cloud companies, we’ve been able to extend the value of cloud even further.

Earlier this month, we announced our partnership with ERP Logic—an SAP channel partner and re-seller of SAP’s cloud ERP solution, Business ByDesign. ERP Logic has developed an integration that seamlessly moves product data from Arena BOMControl to Business ByDesign—providing manufacturers with an end-to-end solution for managing product data that’s completely in the cloud.

Alan Fang, chief operating officer at ERP Logic, sat down with us to talk about the unique benefits of cloud manufacturing solutions, and why Business ByDesign is the future of cloud ERP.

Interview with Alan Fang, chief operating officer at ERP Logic

Do you believe an increasing number of mid-market manufacturers are embracing cloud?

Yes, I do—and here’s some evidence. According to IDC Manufacturing Insights research, over 50% of manufacturing companies are using some form of hosted cloud application. Also, a staggering 75% of manufacturing companies now say cloud solutions are a viable alternative to on-premise tools.

This adoption has not come as a surprise—the benefits of cloud make sense for small and midsize manufacturing companies where limited IT resources, outsourcing and over-worked employees make the higher cost, harder-to-implement on-premise solutions unrealistic. And in terms of cloud payoff for manufacturers, the same study found an 80% lower total cost of ownership for cloud data centers and a 40-fold cost reduction for small and medium-sized companies using the public cloud.

What makes Business ByDesign a superior cloud ERP solution?

There are a lot of things that set Business ByDesign apart. For one thing, it’s backed by the number one player in ERP for over 40 years—SAP. SAP is not only established and vetted in the industry, it also has great vendor viability. There are over 1,000 developers continually improving Business ByDesign, and with numbers like that, there’s simply no chance the product will stagnate.

What are you doing at ERP Logic to improve your offering of Business ByDesign?

One thing we bring to the table is our business philosophy. Simply put, we don’t believe in hidden costs. We give each customer an upfront quote, and it doesn’t change as the company grows or as we make continual improvements to the Business ByDesign solution. And by the way, that also is a testament to the value of cloud—even as the solution improves, costs are shared across a growing user base, so costs stay low.

Beyond providing a cost-effective solution, we’re always thinking of ways to enhance our Business ByDesign offering. We see our partnership with Arena as a step in the direction of more comprehensive cloud functionality.

Arena has been in the cloud PLM space for over a decade—so it understands how to deliver on the cloud and is familiar with the particular needs and challenges of mid-market manufacturers.  Because we both see the immense value of cloud manufacturing tools, a partnership makes natural sense. And I’m excited to establish this integration right at the brink of mainstream cloud adoption in the manufacturing industry.

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