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Dive Into Arena’s Octopart Integration

Arena’s Octopart IntegrationIntegrate Octopart — and change the manufacturing world — for only 19 cents on the dollar!

Life is about to get a whole lot easier for engineers and parts purchasers.  Arena has made finding the right parts at the right price fast and easy by partnering with Octopart, the electronic parts search engine that lists over 20 million parts from over 150 distributors and 5000 manufacturers.

And now for a limited summer-time offer, Arena customers can integrate Octopart for the first year for only $299 versus the regular price of $1548.

Arena Supplier Item Lookup

On Wednesday, June 26th, 11 AM PDT, join Steve Chalgren, Arena’s VP of Product Management & Strategy, and Andres Morey, Octopart Co-Founder, for a webinar that will offer a deep dive into the benefits and features of the Arena Octopart Integration.

Topics covered:  

*An overview of the integration

*Demo of the application

*Opening up access to data with Octopart’s API

*One button lookup of an entire BOM’s compliance data and datasheets.

Arena Supplier Item Lookup — using the Octopart Content feed — allows users to quickly digest real time data about their supplier items. Data like Market Availability, Manufacturer Lifecycle Status, RoHS compliance, Lead free compliance, and the items datasheets are automatically retrieved from Octopart and displayed in the BOM view of an assembly or on the supplier item itself.

New Product Introductions

In the past — with new product introductions — you entered part data in your BOM manually, and had no way of knowing if your supplier ran out of the item you specified. A last-minute part shortage could cause weeks of delays. With Supplier Item Lookup, your part data is always current in the BOM, which means fewer unwanted surprises and delays.

The benefit of integrating Octopart with BOM Control’s Supplier Item Lookup is that engineering and operations can quickly review a new product before production release and check on part availability earlier in the new product introduction process. With Octopart, these Supplier Item Lookup features are enhanced:

Check Market Availability

This feature enables a user to quickly check market availability with a single click lookup.  A last minute part shortage could cause weeks of delays.

Before Octopart the manufacturing person or engineer would have to do this manually and so it often wasn’t done until after the product was released. The value of checking availability EARLIER in the design process is a huge time to market value because they can see potentially problem parts as they are designing rather than after they have released.

Fetch Datasheets

In the design phase, your engineers spend hours sourcing and researching available parts, manually attaching datasheets to the BOM to ensure your specifications are complete. With Supplier Item Lookup, your datasheets and full part data can be quickly looked up with a single button so you can easily review and then add them to your product record.

Ensure Compliance

With up-to-date lookup of compliance information associated with each component, you can easily catch issues as they arise, saving you time and money as you source more environmentally-friendly alternatives early in the design process.

About Octopart:

Ocotopart was started in the fall of 2006 by two experimental physicists. The company’s flagship product is an electronic parts search engine that is used by hundreds of thousands of engineers to find and compare parts across different manufacturers and distributors. The company currently has:

• 3 million datasheet downloads/month

• 650,000 unique visitors/month

• 18 million unique electronic components

• 24 million offers

• 105 distributors

So, manufacturers step right up and pull out your credit card, Integrating Octopart today: $299. Changing the world of manufacturing: priceless.