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How Arena is bringing PLM implementation back to basics

Prior to Arena and the advent of cloud, PLM was an expensive gamble. PLM solutions took a long time to implement, and implementations frequently failed. Faced with frightening odds, small and mid-size manufacturers used makeshift tools like spreadsheets to keep product data organized. And while the spreadsheets were free, the resulting miscommunications and mistakes were not.

Product lifecycle management tools used to be out of reach for small innovators, but that is no longer the case. With easy-to-use and affordable cloud PLM applications, guided implementation workshops and a free trial, Arena is making cloud PLM a no-brainer for small, mid-size and scaling organizations.

Whether your business consists of two guys in a garage or several products spanning the globe, our pricing makes it easy to start small, and then add seats as you grow. Pricing is determined on a per-seat model.

So what’s new?

Implementation is easier with guided workshops that simplify the process  

In addition to our flexible pricing, we’ve designed three implementation workshops around the most fundamental principles of configuring a new workspace in BOMControl. These new workshops will help you tackle your most pressing To-Do’s as you get started—item numbering and categorization, data import, and change categorization and routing.

In addition to our workshops, our support consultants are always available to help you with any questions that arise—from the first day you launch your free 30-day trial of BOMControl.

If you know you need a better way to centralize your BOMs, collaborate with supply chain partners and manage engineering changes, try BOMControl on for size. All our plans come with a free 30-day trial, no strings attached. We don’t ask for any payment information and you are never locked in. It’s just one more way we are making PLM easy.

After your BOMControl trial, it’s up to you to determine the next move. If you enjoyed BOMControl and want to sign up for an account, great. And if you need more time to evaluate, you can continue usage with a month-to-month account. It can be tough to know where your business will be down the road, so Arena BOMControl is designed to match your pace—not ours.