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Terri H. Mead

Terri Hanson Mead is the Managing Partner of Class Bravo Ventures and President of Solutions2Projects, LLC, a consulting company that provides IT strategy and IT compliance services in the life sciences space in addition to expert witness consulting services. She is an active angel investor, former Vice President of Sand Hill Angels, an EIR with Tech Futures Group, a podcaster (Piloting Your Life), a speaker, a blogger, and regularly advises early stage startups across all sectors. Terri invests in early stage digital health startups, specifically FemTech and PediaTech. She is a commercially rated helicopter pilot but only flies for fun around the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Adopting Best Practices with Enterprise Systems

That Was Then, This Is NowWhen cars replaced the horse and buggy, the functions that were inherent to having a horse as the “engine” were not brought over when people switched to driving cars. Without a horse, you don’t need blinders, a horse whip, or apples to feed the horse—although […]

May 15, 2018