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Amanda Menking

Amanda Menking is a PhD candidate in Information Science at the University of Washington. She has been a content contributor for Arena for more than four years. In addition to studying social computing systems, she loves to research, analyze, and explore how cloud software solutions can address critical business processes.

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Great Products Begin With Great Requirements

Every quarter, I work with undergraduates who are studying Data Science, Human-Computer Interaction, Information Architecture, Information Assurance, and Cybersecurity. When asked to identify a problem and design an appropriate solution, they are quick to propose technological interventions such as new websites or mobile apps as their final projects… 

Jul 9, 2018

Connecting Distributed Teams in an Era of Accelerating Innovation

Ray Kurzweil—best-selling author, entrepreneur, futurist, inventor, and currently Director of Engineering at Google—famously made the point that technology is advancing more quickly than ever before. For example, the number of transistors on a semiconductor has been doubling about every two years for the past four decades in accordance with Moore’s […]

Jun 26, 2018

Happy Friday. Tech + Health.

Last month, Brian Tilzer wrote a piece for TechCrunch entitled Personal Health in the Digital Age. In it, he points out that connected devices and communities, new business models, and investing in digital health can radically change…

Aug 28, 2015

Happy Friday. Click This. Tweet about it B2B.

Happy Friday! This week we’ve curated a selection of links about how your business can leverage social media—even if consumers aren’t your primary market.Do you tweet? Prior to 2006, that question would have been ridiculous. But, today, Twitter has…

Aug 14, 2015