Arena News Introduces Powerful, Paperless Product Change Management

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Foster City, Calif., Jun 10 -, provider of the leading zero-IT, cost-effective, rapidly deployed online product lifecycle management (PLM) solution, today introduced its Product Change Management (PCM) module, a powerful enhancement to the application. The PCM module provides a comprehensive, paperless, and easy-to-implement solution for generating engineering change orders (ECOs) in the environment, automating the time-consuming tasks involved in routing ECOs, providing real-time access to change information, and improving the speed and accuracy of change communication across organizations and their supply chains.

The PCM module offers significant advantages over both manual and conventional client-server solutions, including increased efficiency, reduced errors, and customizable change control during design and production. Moreover, the PCM module is a cost-effective solution for integrating geographically dispersed contract manufacturers and suppliers into the change process.

“With, we process ECOs 75% faster—and much more accurately,” said Fritz Morgan, vice president of engineering at Color Kinetics, the leader in intelligent LED illumination technologies. “That increased efficiency is critical for a company like ours with extremely aggressive development schedules. Even when I’m at a supplier site in Asia, I have full access to all our product information — I receive automatic notifications when an ECO needs my attention, and then I can log in and take care of it on the spot. And our suppliers are excited that they can be part of the process without buying any additional hardware or software. In fact, many of them have told me that they wish all their customers would use!”

“A system for managing change needs to support a company’s existing business processes without assuming that one size fits all,” said Michael Topolovac, president and chief executive officer of “The Product Change Management Module gives companies the ability to manage change differently during design and production — and to involve exactly the right people at every stage, even suppliers who have traditionally been sidelined during the change process. This flexibility is critical in demanding development environments that need to integrate globally dispersed partners.”

The PCM module gives organizations sophisticated control over changing product data and complex supply chains by providing the following key benefits:

  • Real-time access to change information: With, change information is organized and stored online, making it available to anyone who needs to see it — regardless of where it is in the approval process. Users can group changes to multiple components and assemblies into a single ECO and then use the Change Browser for navigation through complex change information. For each included item, the change order contains only views that have changed, so reviewers do not have to sift through unchanged categories of data. Only the views included in a change order are locked; the others remain open and editable to minimize disruption to other aspects of ongoing development.
  • Customizable controls for different stages of development: Organizations can tailor change management to provide the degree of control appropriate at each stage of development. They can use version control when lightweight management of change privileges is enough or full change management when formalized change orders, change boards and approval workflow are required. One set of change boards can be used during design and another during production.
  • Reliable, precise and efficient change order workflow: makes it easy to involve the right people at each step of the approval process by allowing organizations to create a different change board for each category of data—and at each stage of development. Change boards can be modified at any time, and additional reviewers outside of the defined change board can be added to the review group as desired. By automating the otherwise tedious steps of compiling change documentation, routing change orders and updating product specifications, increases the efficiency of the change process while reducing the potential for errors.
  • Better supply chain integration: Change management works with the Supplier Access features to integrate the supply chain into the change process. Suppliers can be included on change boards alongside other members of the design chain, so that the extended organization is unified within a controlled change system.
  • Secure, reliable foundation for ISO and FDA compliance: facilitates the process of achieving ISO-9001 and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance by providing a secure, centralized location for product definition information and a reliable method for recording electronic signatures. Organizations can be certain that all iterations of product data are fully preserved and documented, and that each version of product data is unalterable once released. As an external service, provides robust network and data security with clear and automatically enforced access rules that prevent unauthorized modification of product information.

The Product Change Management module joins other recent additions to the application, including version control and sophisticated sourcing and costing functionality. By providing a centralized environment for managing product data, makes it easy for OEMs, suppliers and outsourced partners to collaborate in real time around a single set of information — regardless of geographic location or IT infrastructure. Its cost-effective subscription model lets companies realize rapid ROI and makes affordable for organizations of any size.

The Product Change Management Module is available for purchase immediately at a one-time cost of $9,995. Users must already subscribe to the service, which is available for an annual subscription of $995 per user with no set-up or installation fees. Customers can access from any computer with a web browser; there is no traditional software to buy, install, maintain or upgrade. New customers can be up and running within days. They can register by visiting the company’s website at or by calling the sales department at 866.937.1438.

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