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  • Pull part numbers
  • Update Arena PLM
  • Simplify new product release process
  • Connect Arena PLM to enterprise
  • Support multi-system business flows
  • Faster time to market
  • Integrate Arena PLM and ERP
  • Faster new product introductions
  • Manage data integration "handoff"
  • Reduce bottlenecks & barriers
  • Ask query of product processes
  • Set automated extract schedule
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  • Maximize part re-use
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Integrate the latest product data into your diverse business systems.

Arena ERP Exchange can communicate with a wide range of modern business systems. Integrating Arena PLM with an ERP, for example, they output BOMs, AML, changes, suppliers and costs as structured product definition data in a standard XML-based format. This automated, trigger-based product extends the capabilities of Arena PLM into your other enterprise systems, ensuring key data is right where you need it at all times. Link Arena PLM seamlessly to both cloud and on-site business systems like NetSuite, Oracle, SAP Business ByDesign, QAD, Microsoft Dynamics and many others.

…but don’t just take our word for it…

Liquid Robotics + Netsuite

Using Arena’s enterprise integration to update Netsuite item records, innovative entrepreneurs at Liquid Robotics centralize records for prototype and production manufacturing.

“Our flagship product, the Wave Glider®, enables dozens of new marine technology applications and missions never before possible. Working with centralized Arena PLM allows us to develop these new technologies more rapidly and efficiently.”
Landis+Gyr + SAP

Landis+Gyr, a leading provider of integrated energy management products, uses a standard output that interfaces with SAP to centralize product data sharing and streamline purchasing.

“Our meters and smart grid solutions enable utilities and end-use consumers to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, and contribute to a sustainable energy future. Working with Arena PLM helps keep our product designers, purchasing teams, and contract manufacturers connected and working together toward the same goal.”

Integrations with Arena API

BOMControl Integrations

Arena API enables you to connect and integrate to leverage all your enterprise business systems to answer questions that range across people, data and operations. Eliminate the unnecessary time and errors of re-entering data from system to system. More

EDA adapters allow you to maintain an up-to-date part library that tracks your design history and changes from the Arena PLM change approval process and connects that to your EDA system.

  • Altium
  • mentor graphics
  • Orcad

Learn more about EDA adapters

Integrating your product data is not just an outbound process from Arena PLM into your ERP systems or EDA libraries. We also have frameworks to allow engineering data from your mechanical CAD systems (even EPDM) to flow directly into your BOMs and product documents.

Solidworks ​The Arena Add-In for SolidWorks can reserve part numbers and push new items with their properties intact into Arena PLM. Download Datasheet

Not ready to automate your integration just yet?

Arena PLM has an easy-to-use mechanism for manually reconciling the latest product changes with any other system.

bomcontrol integration example

An easy-to-spot red light on your dashboard indicates there are changes waiting to be reconciled.

bomcontrol revisions inprocess

A single page lists every update redlined against the previous revision so you can keep any number of systems in sync.

Supplier Item Lookup Add-on

Get up-to-the-minute market availability, datasheets, and compliance information for all your BOMs. In a single view.

Supplier Item Lookup gives always-current access to electronic component market availability and compliance information across the entire product BOM. You can easily search part information in supported electronic component databases with results displayed directly in the Arena PLM BOM view. The BOM Lookup view displays current availability from authorized suppliers and overall BOM health and risk status. You can even drill down to each component to quickly access detailed information including lifecycle, multi-sourcing, compliance, and availability – all without leaving Arena.

Supplier Item Lookup

  • Up-to-date market availability
  • Automated datasheet lookup
  • Access to compliance documents

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Manage your company's Arena PLM login information

Arena has partnered with PingOne to offer a Tier-One Cloud Single Sign-On solution. Once users are logged into your SSO system, they won't need to reauthenticate with Arena PLM. Users can still log out of Arena PLM as usual.

Cloud Single Sign On (SSO)

  • Only Cloud PLM provider to offer cloud SSO
  • Extend Active Directory or LDAP to include authentication
  • Minimize typical issues of password synchronization

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