Star Wars Saga: R2-D2 — The Wild Years

R2-D2 was an R2-series Astromech droid designed by high tech manufacturer Industrial Automaton. The brave droid — along with his persnickety protocol droid counterpart C-3PO — played a pivotal role in saving the galaxy. Legendary for his many [...] read more

2015 Manufacturing Trends To Watch – Part 2

The manufacturing sector is changing at a meteoric pace. Much of this change is due to innovation in technology. The entire supply chain ecosystem — encompassing manufacturers, distributors and suppliers — is undergoing a business transformation. [...] read more

Delivering Significant Business Value: Present the Results and Ask for the Raise

In the previous blog posts, we talked about establishing metrics to measure your targeted process, then about planning and implementing the improvements. The final step is to present your results. Don’t just wait until your next review or job inter [...] read more

Delivering Significant Business Value: Plan and Implement

In the previous blog post, we targeted processes and established metrics. Now, let’s plan and implement the new and improved business process. Taking these steps will improve your negotiations on your next review or interview. “This is your t [...] read more

Terminator IV: The Quest to Save Thanksgiving

On a chilly November San Francisco evening with the crisp smell of a recent storm still clinging to the air, two beings from the year 2050 emerged from a portal. One was the Terminator Model 101, a turkey that had a Mensa level IQ, advanced combat sk [...] read more

Delivering Significant Business Value: Establish Metrics

In the previous blog post, we proposed that by adding significant value to your organization, you will be rewarded. After targeting a process, use metrics to justify your proposal to improve the process. Later on, you can use “Before and After” m [...] read more

ROIs That Support PLM’s Ability to Save and Make Money

Historically speaking, identifying the total financial benefit from a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution is not as obvious as it is within an ERP system. Nor is it as straight-forward. As a consequence, many raise a white flag after attem [...] read more

Delivering Significant Business Value

As Engineering Document Control Manager, you keep information flowing. You make sure everyone is getting accurate documentation when they need it. You ensure that ECOs are signed off and related systems are updated. When all systems operate smoothly, [...] read more

Three Manufacturers Testify to the Business Value of PLM

According to a recent Pricewaterhouse Coopers report, titled “Getting the Benefits That PLM Has Promised for Years,” “PLM is still largely seen predominately as an ‘engineering sell’ rather than an integral, enterprise wide, cross-function [...] read more