PLM 101: An Intern’s Perspective on Product Lifecycle Management & Other Navel Gazings

Hazing interns is strictly prohibited in many firms. Activities rivaling fraternal rituals that were once so much fun—covering understudies with honey and staking them near a mound of fire ants—no longer are looked upon with favor. Sad, huh? [...] read more

Star Wars Saga: Negotiate Better Part Prices Without Jedi Mind Tricks

OEMs across the galaxy loathed negotiating with Watto, the greediest and most mean-spirited contract manufacturer in all of Toydaria. Headquartered in downtown Mos Def with second and third tier suppliers hidden across the planets, Watto consisten [...] read more

Hacking Ourselves: The Path to Personal Productivity Begins When We Pause

Do you read Lifehacker? I try to resist, but their headlines and lists—their whispered promises of improvement—reel me in almost every time. I want to be more productive and efficient. I want to overcome social anxiety in three seconds, trim ego [...] read more

SiliconExpert & Arena Join Forces to Reduce Data Risk With a Powerful New PLM Database Combo

Arena Solutions recently integrated Arena PLM with SiliconExpert Technologies’ extensive electronic components information database. As a result, Arena PLM customers can now perform proactive health and risk assessments on all components within the [...] read more

Top Six Medical Device PLM Resources

While our new Arena Quality module is yet one more example of why we continue to be the de facto standard for OEMs searching for a medical device PLM solution, we keep reading guidance that a blog shouldn’t be too ‘salesy’ and it actually has t [...] read more

3 Trends to Watch: Location, Location, Location

Arena regularly publishes insights and analysis on important trends impacting manufacturing. Is there an emerging business technology development you deem important or want us to cover? Comment on our blog. United States to Match China’s Manufa [...] read more

Star Wars Saga: How Darth Vader’s Suit Met FDA Approval

Darth Vader’s fearsome black mobile life-support suit was manufactured to compensate for the serious injuries Anakin Skywalker suffered after his duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi. But precious few knew the luninary’s statuesque, gloom and doom outfit [...] read more

Fly the Safest Skies with a Smile

I recently flew from Seattle to London to attend Wikimania 2014. As we were taxiing for takeoff, I pulled out a book I had wanted to read for months: Haruki Murakami’s tome 1Q84. But then I put it down as soon as Delta’s in-flight safety video be [...] read more