Knowing The Difference Between Bespoke & Shinola

Earlier this month, Wired published an article about Shinola’s decision to open a watch factory in the flagging city of Detroit. You may recognize the irreverent name of the company purchased from a defunct shoe polish brand known for the insult â [...] read more

Star Wars: Engineering Lessons from the Dark Side

In product development work here at Arena Solutions, we’ve worked with manufacturers small and large across many different industries; some domestically, some internationally and some in galaxies far, far away. The Galactic Empire is a tragic ex [...] read more

Tabless Thursdays & Avoiding the Costs of Information Overload

How Tongue Fluttering Can Attract Baby Meerkats I’m pretty sure I came across The Atlantic’s June 19 video “Single-tasking Is the New Multi-tasking” when I was working on—well, let’s be honest: when I was not working on something e [...] read more

BOM Health, Biases and Behavioral Change Through Better Systems

The bill of materials (BOM)—the core intellectual property of product companies—starts out in good health. It’s created by engineering, checked against current component part supply, health and risks, vetted through the NPI process and (hopeful [...] read more

Quality Webinar: Arena’s New Quality Solution

In product development work here at Arena Solutions, we’ve engaged in deep conversations with companies as they built their successful quality cultures for over a decade. Companies tackling CAPA, CAR and SCAR or other remediation requirements have [...] read more

For a High Tech 4th of July– Inspect Your Gadgets

As a company that works with many of the most bleeding-edge, high tech and innovative product companies in the world, we don’t leave our passion for technology at work. We geek out at home too. And this 4th of July is no exception. As we look forwa [...] read more

Software & Soccer: How Centralized Quality Management Ensures World Cup Success

A soccer coach’s ability to foster collaboration among players and learn from past matches’ mistakes are keys to producing a quality product (team) and success (winning). The problem is that too often the national soccer programs of cash-str [...] read more