Star Wars Saga: How Darth Vader’s Suit Met FDA Approval

Darth Vader’s fearsome black mobile life-support suit was manufactured to compensate for the serious injuries Anakin Skywalker suffered after his duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi. But precious few knew the luninary’s statuesque, gloom and doom outfit [...] read more

Arena Partners with SiliconExpert

OEMs Can De-Risk Electronic Components with a Parts Rich Database  From an outsider's perspective, an OEM’s success simply depends upon an innovative vision and a strong development team. What some product companies don’t see is the suppor [...] read more

Star Wars Saga (cont’d): How Bogus Parts Nearly Cost the Rebel Alliance

With part suppliers spread across the galaxy, the risk of bogus or counterfeit components making their way into the manufacturing mix has increased at a disturbing rate. The Rebel Alliance discovered the dangerous impact of bad parts the hard way. [...] read more

Knowing The Difference Between Bespoke & Shinola

Earlier this month, Wired published an article about Shinola’s decision to open a watch factory in the flagging city of Detroit. You may recognize the irreverent name of the company purchased from a defunct shoe polish brand known for the insult [...] read more

Star Wars: Engineering Lessons from the Dark Side

In product development work here at Arena Solutions, we’ve worked with manufacturers small and large across many different industries; some domestically, some internationally and some in galaxies far, far away. The Galactic Empire is a tragic ex [...] read more

Tabless Thursdays & Avoiding the Costs of Information Overload

How Tongue Fluttering Can Attract Baby Meerkats I’m pretty sure I came across The Atlantic’s June 19 video “Single-tasking Is the New Multi-tasking” when I was working on—well, let’s be honest: when I was not working on something e [...] read more