Harvesting the Power All Around Us: Keeping Pace with Rapid Developments in Battery Technology?

In Star Trek, energy sources are abundant and range from dilithium crystals (critical for warp drive) and trilithium (star-destroying power) to antimatter and the vibrations and aura energy emanating from humans themselves. In the episode “Let That [...] read more

Engineering Change Management: Just Can’t Make One More Decision Today?

 The engineering change management process identifies proposed changes to products/parts. Individuals and teams involved in product design, manufacturing, quality and serviceability then collaborate on the potential change. Reviewers verify awarenes [...] read more

Apply Design Thinking to your Quality Process and Take Your Product to the Next Level

Innovative startups reach a point in their growth where they must incorporate formal quality processes into development.  The trick is to do so in a way that feels like it adds value to the product, not unnecessary friction to the development proces [...] read more

SaaS vs On-Premise: Lowering Your Total Cost of Ownership

Like nature versus nurture – the debate over on-premise versus cloud wages on. Today, more enterprise software purchasers choose software as a service (SaaS) offerings because companies can “pay-as you-go” with customer support and upgrades [...] read more

Surprising Partnerships and Product Direction

A small startup textile company and BAE Systems winning a contract to provide the US Department of Defense with a few million dollars worth of “smart” uniforms.  A car company and a hi-tech device and app company (yes, Apple) possibly partne [...] read more

Without Supply Chain Oversight, Boeing Flew Blind

Manufacturers without visibility across their supply chain can heed the warnings of Boeing. The airline manufacturer faces an indeterminate grounding of the Dreamliner because of both a 2013 mid-flight battery fire on a 787 in Boston and a smoldering [...] read more

Bringing Operations Back Home? What to Consider When Reshoring

Getting Back in the Water I am back in the pool after years-long hiatus. And it is hard—harder than I expected. I play tennis three to four times a week and regularly hit the gym or trails—I thought I was in fairly good shape, better than aver [...] read more

Arena and Octopart Collaborate to help OEMs using Supplier Item Lookup

With Arena’s Supplier Item Lookup (SIL), OEMs can look up component availability and compliance within Arena PLM, the industry leading product lifecycle management solution (PLM). No one wants to look down the barrel of a ‘snub-nosed-EOL’. [...] read more

When it Comes to NPI Project Management — Connectivity is King

Arena realizes "connectivity" is one of the more underappreciated factors within project management to consider when OEMs determine how to bring products to market faster with reduced product error. Connectivity is a theme of Arena's Spring ‘14 [...] read more

Supplier Item Lookup Helps OEMs See Component Savings

Manufacturers who were once blind to part pricing and component availability can now see, thanks to Arena’s Supplier Item Lookup (SIL). SIL promises to heal manufacturers from component lifecycle and compliance management issues they face on a r [...] read more