Implementation Strategies Maximize the Value of Collaboration Tools

Just as Excel fails as a tool for managing bill of materials (BOM), so does email fall short of the knowledge-sharing potential that only next-generation collaboration solutions can unlock. For innovative product companies, a modern collaboration too [...] read more

Arena Exchange: A Great Product Just Got Even Better

On October 13, 2013, Arena debuted Arena Exchange, a revolutionary solution that offers OEMs a secure, flexible and traceable environment for collaboration with multiple users at different supplier levels throughout their global supply chain. Oh. And [...] read more

At CES, Internet of Things Creates Real Excitement and Endless Possibilities

The International Consumer Electronics Show is the King Kong of trade shows. Held in Las Vegas, this consumer electronics gathering attracts more than 150,000 visitors. It occupies 35 football fields of exhibition space where more than 3,500 companie [...] read more

At Fashionable CES, Wearable Electronics Are the New Black

At the expense of stating the obvious, wearable devices are the new black when it comes to what’s fashionable in high tech right now. By 2018, wearable shipments are expected to jump to 112 million units, more than five times last year's figure, [...] read more

Three Manufacturers Share Their New Year’s Business Resolutions

The mournful song "Auld Lang Syne" is a Scottish poem often sung at the stroke of midnight to bid farewell to the old year. By extension, it is also sung at funerals, graduations and at the ending of romantic comedies, such as “When Harry Met Sally [...] read more

How PLM and Wearable Electronics Saved Christmas

Christmas was as good as cancelled. The news was that bad. The once joyous event had become a PR nightmare. Trouble started last year when Santa had gained so much weight, he got stuck in a chimney. After being rescued by firefighters, who used di [...] read more

Star Wars Saga: R2-D2 — The Wild Years

R2-D2 was an R2-series Astromech droid designed by high tech manufacturer Industrial Automaton. The brave droid — along with his persnickety protocol droid counterpart C-3PO — played a pivotal role in saving the galaxy. Legendary for his many [...] read more

2015 Manufacturing Trends To Watch – Part 2

The manufacturing sector is changing at a meteoric pace. Much of this change is due to innovation in technology. The entire supply chain ecosystem — encompassing manufacturers, distributors and suppliers — is undergoing a business transformation. [...] read more

Delivering Significant Business Value: Present the Results and Ask for the Raise

In the previous blog posts, we talked about establishing metrics to measure your targeted process, then about planning and implementing the improvements. The final step is to present your results. Don’t just wait until your next review or job inter [...] read more