Happy Friday. Click This. Hacked.

The history of the word “hack” dates back to the 1200s when it first appeared as a verb meaning “to cut with heavy blows in an irregular or random fashion; to cut notches or nicks in; to mangle or mutilate by jagged cuts.” The word “hacker [...] read more

Escape the Horror of Siloed Systems

Typically companies tend to operate in silos with defined stage-gate handoff points during the product design process; however this outdated approach can have a very negative impact on new product introduction (NPI). For example, often the first t [...] read more

How to Choose the Best Part Numbering Scheme for Your Business

Utilizing a part numbering scheme is a standardized and efficient way to identify and track parts in your manufacturing processes. Manufacturers of complicated electronic products must manage, track and store hundreds (if not thousands) of parts i [...] read more

Happy Friday. Click This. The On-Demand Economy

“A man is rich in proportion to the number of things which he can afford to let alone.” –Henry David Thoreau, Walden Have you used Uber or AirBnB? What about Amazon’s Mechanical Turk or AmazonFresh? How about Instacart? Have you heard of H [...] read more

Happy Friday. Click This. I Was Promised a Flying Car.

Happy Friday! This week we’ve curated a post about the age of automobile automation (aka “I was promised a flying car”). We hope you enjoy the links below and have a safe weekend—on and off the road! Do you remember watching The Jetsons? I [...] read more

How PLM Unlocks the Imagination of Top IoT Companies

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) is a term you’ve probably read in the headlines. Perhaps a lot.  Analysts forecast IoT revenues will reach $3 trillion in 2020 with 30 billion devices expected to be connected through the Internet. IPOs of IoT [...] read more

Happy Friday. Click This. Plastics.

Happy Friday! This week, we celebrate plastic. Much loved, lauded, and despised, plastic has revolutionized how we ship and store products, design medical and surgical devices, reduce the weight of ships, planes, and automobiles, and create virtually [...] read more

Happy Friday. Click This. Independence Day.

Happy Friday! In celebration of Independence Day, we’ve curated a collection of links related to ideas, practices, and products born in the USA. “America is the greatest engine of innovation that has ever existed, and it can't be duplicated an [...] read more

How PLM Helped GAME GOLF Score a Hole in One

Are you a frustrated golfer, who slices your woods and three putts every green? GAME GOLF CEO John McGuire has the solution for you. GAME GOLF is a new wearable technology created by Active Mind Technology, Inc and backed by professional golfers G [...] read more