Compliance Best Practices of a PLM Super Star

Last year at an ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) sanctioned event, Michelle Lee, Nimble Storage’s PLM Project Manager, spoke at a popular manufacturing webinar titled, “Turn Disruptive Change into High Tech’s Next Big Thing”. [...] read more

How Arena PLM Helped SKULLY Scale the First Augmented Reality Bike Helmet

Almost 15 months after raising millions on Indiegogo to become the site’s most successful crowdfunding campaign to date, the SKULLY AR-1 augmented reality motorcycle helmet is now, ahem, a reality. A few weeks ago the helmet was showcased to accla [...] read more

Nimble Storage’s PLM Manager Shares PLM Best Practices

Based in San Jose, California, Nimble Storage designs and manufacturers flash-optimized hybrid storage solutions that integrate the speed of solidstate storage with the efficiency of high-capacity hard disks. Michelle Lee is Nimble Storage’s produc [...] read more

Why PLM and ERP Should Not be Mutually Exclusive

Each application category of enterprise software is studied and scrutinized ad nauseam by a designated group of analysts. Firms, such as Gartner, are highly influential in not only promoting some applications over others, but in directly influencing [...] read more

Auto Cooling Manufacturer Air International Uses Cloud PLM to Go from 0 to 60

Air International Thermal Systems is a global manufacturer of automotive HVAC and powertrain cooling systems. Founded in Port Melbourne, Australia in 1967, the company has expanded around the world by following the customer to China in 1995, to the [...] read more

Cloud Believers Beware of the Devil’s Advocate

Please allow me to introduce myself, I’m the devil’s advocate. I’m a man of wealth and taste. At parties I advocate an opposing or un popular cause for the sake of argument. I do this to hone my debate skills. You’ve also probably seen [...] read more

A Med Device Company’s Best Practice for Managing BOM Files

For the millions of fans around the world who read my blog daily, you’re now familiar with Swan Valley Medical Chief Operating Officer Laurence Sampson. His knowledge of PLM and soothing Earl Nightingale speaking tones have made him a sought-after [...] read more

Avoid the Dark Side of Quality Failure, Defeat the Phantom Menace of Product Error, and Ship to Market at Light Speed

If you’re a modern product development company, could the fictional Star Wars universe teach you valuable manufacturing lessons? Lessons that could benefit your business, especially your new product introduction (NPI) processes—hmmm? Herh. Herh. [...] read more

Cloud 101: How Manufacturers Benefit From Cloud PLM 

“Nobody understands the cloud!”  - Funny guy from Hollywood comedy This is the third blog post that I’ve written recently highlighting the importance of cloud. This blog has become a veritable thunderhead of Cloud goodness—a topic that’ [...] read more

How Kona Medical Reduced ECO Approvals from 6 Months to 48 Hours

Dear Readers, I know many of you are involved in the development of innovative medical device and other compelling life science products. I know how hard life can be considering the strict compliance mandates, and an increasingly competitive market. [...] read more