How Successful Medical Device Companies Validate Their Software

Increasing regulatory requirements are making it more challenging for medical device companies to respond to opportunities rapidly and get products to market quickly. The complexity of validating updates to software has forced many cutting-edge me [...] read more

Two PLM Webinars That You Can’t Afford to Miss

Want to attend two popular PLM events where you don’t have to worry about a dress code? You don’t have to fret over finding a date? You don’t have to travel? Well, you’re in luck, dear friend. Arena has two webinars that you can convenient [...] read more

A PLM-Driven BI Solution Is a Powerful Investment Tool

No matter how many thousand highly skilled and well-paid designers, scientists and engineers a company employs, their new product introduction (NPI) processes will fail without the proper central coordination and integration of processes, systems and [...] read more

Integrated PLM-BI Analytics Offer Powerful Business Insights

To develop modern electronic products, innovative companies rely upon product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions to enable engineering and manufacturing teams and their extendeded supply chains to speed prototyping, reduce scrap, and streamline sup [...] read more

How Atlas Wearables Removed Weight of File Mismanagement From Its Shoulders

When Atlas Wearables, makers of a fitness tracker that automatically logs your workouts, needed a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution to streamline its product design processes, an international consulting agency recommended Arena PLM. “ [...] read more

BOM Management is Central to Your PLM Success. It’s Core to Our Product Offering

“Don’t just invest in a PLM solution…invest in a PLM ecosystem” was the title of my recent blog post. But I soon had reservations that the word “ecosystem” for some may connote a complicated, confusing intertwinement of disparate siloe [...] read more

Happy Friday. Our Favorite (Mostly) Weekly Posts.

Happy Friday! Today, I wanted to share my favorite Friday posts (and a few others) from across the worldwide web with you. I hope you’ll find some that you’ll love and bookmark. We hope you’ll love and bookmark us, too. TechCrunch offers a [...] read more

Arena Analytics Provides Insights Into Critical Product Data

Arena recently announced the launch of Arena Analytics, a robust business intelligence (BI) solution that enables companies to gain meaningful insights into how their product-related business processes are performing. Arena Analytics is powered by [...] read more

Happy Friday. Tech + Health.

Last month, Brian Tilzer wrote a piece for TechCrunch entitled Personal Health in the Digital Age. In it, he points out that connected devices and communities, new business models, and investing in digital health can radically change the ways that te [...] read more

Arena PLM Integrates with Kenandy Cloud ERP

Arena recently partnered with Kenandy, a cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) system for midmarket and large enterprises, which is built on the Salesforce platform. The Kenandy ERP solution automates core business processes including order-to-cas [...] read more