Swan Valley Medical’s COO Shares CAPA and Quality Management Insights

Swan Valley Medical (SVM) is a privately held medical device company founded in 2006 by a retired urologist and engineer/entrepreneur. SVM now has design and manufacturing operations in Denver with suppliers all over the country, including one overse [...] read more

Arena and EMA Integration: An Engineer’s Dream Come True

Arena formed a strategic alliance that combines our PLM solution with EMA’s data management solution for Cadence® OrCAD® that will benefit users of both systems, especially engineers. Engineers are sure to find this integration more compelling [...] read more

How Swan Valley Medical Overcame Compliance Pain

Swan Valley Medical (SVM) is a privately held medical device company founded in 2006 by a retired urologist and engineer/entrepreneur. The focus of the company is on development and commercialization of sophisticated urological surgical instruments [...] read more

The Evolving Role of the Modern Procurement Manager

Modern manufacturing procurement managers are responsible for negotiating the best cost on components at their forecasted volumes. The role has changed over the years because contract manufacturers (CMs) purchase most of the parts now. Now the procur [...] read more

Procurement Managers Are Born to Be Wild

A “persona” is a behavior-based, user archetype you can use to make decisions about your product. They have names, beliefs, demographic attributes and behaviors that help create relevant marketing messages — think of these fictional character a [...] read more

How Next Generation Collaboration Tools Saved the Jedi

Within the halls of the illustrious Jedi Academy, the apprenticeship of a Padawan (Force-sensitive adolescent) traditionally began with a disciplined one-on-one instruction with an assigned Jedi Knight or Master. Unfortunately, this one-to-one tra [...] read more

Implementation Strategies Maximize the Value of Collaboration Tools

Just as Excel fails as a tool for managing bill of materials (BOM), so does email fall short of the knowledge-sharing potential that only next-generation collaboration solutions can unlock. For innovative product companies, a modern collaboration too [...] read more

Arena Exchange: A Great Product Just Got Even Better

On October 13, 2013, Arena debuted Arena Exchange, a revolutionary solution that offers OEMs a secure, flexible and traceable environment for collaboration with multiple users at different supplier levels throughout their global supply chain. Oh. And [...] read more

At CES, Internet of Things Creates Real Excitement and Endless Possibilities

The International Consumer Electronics Show is the King Kong of trade shows. Held in Las Vegas, this consumer electronics gathering attracts more than 150,000 visitors. It occupies 35 football fields of exhibition space where more than 3,500 companie [...] read more