Broken World Thinking: How infrastructure and invisible work can impact innovation

In a recent episode of ‘Last Week Tonight’, John Oliver describes physical infrastructure as “anything that can be destroyed in an action movie.” He continues to explore and critique the crumbling infrastructure of the United States by humoro [...] read more

A Marriage Made in Engineering Heaven

This post concludes our three-part conversation with Manny Marcano, president and CEO of EMA. Throughout the series, readers have been transported across an operatic range of emotion with design stories that highlighted the benefits of the EMA and Ar [...] read more

Arena and EMA: The Dynamic Duo Turns Engineers Into Champions

Arena PLM provides product companies with a solution that gives all stakeholders, from internal engineers to key suppliers, direct embedded access to the product record, ensuring that everyone has a single version of the truth. Because it is delivere [...] read more

Everything You Know About Medical Device Design Is Wrong

Developing a medical device has always been a complex process. Many executives in the medical device industry — from the founders of startups to the heads of billion dollar public companies — have long felt overly burdened by what they conside [...] read more

Swan Valley Medical’s COO Shares CAPA and Quality Management Insights

Swan Valley Medical (SVM) is a privately held medical device company founded in 2006 by a retired urologist and engineer/entrepreneur. SVM now has design and manufacturing operations in Denver with suppliers all over the country, including one overse [...] read more

Arena and EMA Integration: An Engineer’s Dream Come True

Arena formed a strategic alliance that combines our PLM solution with EMA’s data management solution for Cadence® OrCAD® that will benefit users of both systems, especially engineers. Engineers are sure to find this integration more compelling [...] read more

How Swan Valley Medical Overcame Compliance Pain

Swan Valley Medical (SVM) is a privately held medical device company founded in 2006 by a retired urologist and engineer/entrepreneur. The focus of the company is on development and commercialization of sophisticated urological surgical instruments [...] read more

The Evolving Role of the Modern Procurement Manager

Modern manufacturing procurement managers are responsible for negotiating the best cost on components at their forecasted volumes. The role has changed over the years because contract manufacturers (CMs) purchase most of the parts now. Now the procur [...] read more

Procurement Managers Are Born to Be Wild

A “persona” is a behavior-based, user archetype you can use to make decisions about your product. They have names, beliefs, demographic attributes and behaviors that help create relevant marketing messages — think of these fictional character a [...] read more

How Next Generation Collaboration Tools Saved the Jedi

Within the halls of the illustrious Jedi Academy, the apprenticeship of a Padawan (Force-sensitive adolescent) traditionally began with a disciplined one-on-one instruction with an assigned Jedi Knight or Master. Unfortunately, this one-to-one tra [...] read more