You Manage Your Business. Let Us Manage Your PLM Patches.

Solution consultant extraordinaire Mark Andres has been working with product lifecycle management (PLM) for about 20 years both as a vendor and as a customer. He started 30+ years ago at Eastman Kodak in engineering and design, got recruited to EDA a [...] read more

Leave Work Friday, Come Back Monday — Your PLM System Is Upgraded

“With Arena’s cloud-based PLM solution, you leave work on a Friday and come in Monday and bam — you’re upgraded. No pain to you or your IT department. It’s like waking up on Christmas morning to discover exciting presents are waiting for yo [...] read more

Why On Premise Solutions Are a Bad, Bad Practice

When it comes to getting product lifecycle management (PLM) systems up and working, Solution Consultant Mark Andres has managed both on-premise 'big box' PLM as well as cloud PLM implementations. Having seen PLM from both sides of the fence, Andres  [...] read more

How Adapters Accelerate PLM Implementations/Integrations

Modern product lifecycle management (PLM) systems are designed to simplify integration with today’s most popular enterprise resource planning (ERP), electronic design automation (EDA) and computer-aided design (CAD) applications. To overcome integr [...] read more

There’s No Business Without ECO Business

Over 21 years, super Solution Consultant Scott Moisan has accumulated a rich collection of product lifecycle management (PLM) best practices having tackled PLM implementations of all sizes. The goal behind implementing best practices is to make your [...] read more

The Business Case for Integrating All Product Design Systems at Once

Arena consultants have implemented product lifecycle management (PLM) systems at small and large companies alike. They have done implementations in careful stages; as well, they’ve done implementations with integrations of PLM with enterprise resou [...] read more

Why Intelligent Part Numbering May Not Be Smart

Consultant Scott Moisan wants to make one thing clear: he doesn’t expect you to agree with everything he says. He just hopes you’ll listen to why he strongly prefers non-intelligent part numbering schemes over intelligent part number schemes. For [...] read more

Why Attributes Are Critical to PLM Part Search

In fiction, a composite character can be comprised of two or more real life individuals; for example, the character Peter Brand in Moneyball is a composite of real world people. To streamline the story in Black Hawk Down, several real-life so [...] read more

From Large to Small, PLM Expert Has Seen It All

Solution Architect Scott Moisan has seen it all. For 21 years, he has tackled everything from large global product lifecycle management (PLM) implementations to providing emerging startups with a scalable solution. He has quarterbacked numerous smoo [...] read more

PLM Best Practices All Operations Managers Should Consider

Roost is a new type of Internet of Things (IoT) company. Instead of purchasing costly new devices and paying even more to have them installed, Roost empowers easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself upgrades to existing smoke alarms. There are no new smok [...] read more