With the Spotlight on Sexy Gadgets, Hardware and PLM Run the IoT Show

While sexy gadgets and wearable devices get the lion’s share of the publicity and glory, hardware plays an important role in running the Internet of Things (IoT). Because of this, more and more innovative IoT companies have leveraged Product Realiz [...] read more

So You Don’t Think IoT Applies to You? Think Again.

Mike Keer is the CEO and Founder of Product Realization Group (PRG), a consortium of Silicon Valley companies that take hardware products from idea to scale. PRG is also a trusted Arena partner that has helped our clients source for prototype design [...] read more

Arena’s Partnership with Q Point Enables Companies to Meet RoHS and REACH Compliance

In today’s global economy, OEMs must comply with strict and ever-changing regulatory requirements imposed by governing agencies around the globe. Companies without the tools to meet RoHS and REACH compliance standards will suffer from product shipp [...] read more

How Med Devs Turn Products Into IoT Success Stories

Epic Medical Concepts & Innovations (EMCI) is a medical device company that creates human health-advancing technologies by translating high-level scientific research and medical innovation into Internet of Things (IoT) market-ready devices. [...] read more

Discover How PLM Helped EMCI Succeed in the IoT Industry

From breakthroughs in personalized medicine, genomics, and medical devices, healthcare and life science companies are finding ways to advance human health more cost-effectively. Yet increased regulatory requirements challenge innovative companies to [...] read more

Arena Shepherds Products Into the Realm of the ‘Internet of Things’

The “Internet of Things” (IoT) phenomenon offers endless possibilities that have companies across industries rushing to get their “next big thing” to market fast enough to take advantage of this burgeoning market. Because disruptive change [...] read more

What’s the Real Total Cost of Ownership of On-Premise PLM Software?

I wanted to step outside of character today and shine the light on some other PLM smarty-pants to see where they weigh in on the topics of PLM return on investment, total cost of ownership and opportunity costs. Two guys who know PLM well — Oleg [...] read more

Cloud PLM Changes ROI Mathematics

Historically speaking, identifying the total financial benefit from a product lifecycle management (PLM) solution is not as obvious as it is with an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Nor is it as straight-forward. But that may all soon be [...] read more

Broken World Thinking: How infrastructure and invisible work can impact innovation

In a recent episode of ‘Last Week Tonight’, John Oliver describes physical infrastructure as “anything that can be destroyed in an action movie.” He continues to explore and critique the crumbling infrastructure of the United States by humoro [...] read more