Arena API Opens Portal to Enterprise Systems

Arena API Opens Portal to Enterprise Systems

What is Arena API?

With Arena PLM’s new application programming interface (API), customers can connect Arena’s robust cloud-based enterprise solution to other critical systems (think ERP, CAD, CRM and more) to support your business. The API employs a RESTful (Representational State Transfer) web service with secure encrypted https protocol and JSON (Java Script Object Notation) data transport.

Value Proposition

Arena’s API enables you to connect and integrate to leverage all your enterprise business systems to answer questions that range across people, data and operations. Eliminate the unnecessary time and errors of re-entering data from system to system.

Who Cares?

Anyone interested in seamlessly integrating systems to reduce duplication of data entry and errors.

What does it do?

Provides the ability to develop lightweight and flexible programmatic integrations.

  • Backfill Target Cost from ERP
  • Load Drawings from CAD
  • Create Items from CRM
  • Extract Items to BI System

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  • Critical business systems integration capabilities
  • Rigorous authentication controls, secure protocols and cloud-based web service standards
  • Scalable API control set to support simple to complex business needs


  • Ensure accurate information to make critical product decisions, shrinking time to market and reducing errors
  • Reduce manual data entry time. Provide users with tools that support the way they work
  • Stateless and scalable industry standard supported by many programming languages
  • Use the cloud and don’t worry about installations, servers or excessive up-front costs