Take the busywork out of BOM building.

Clip, import or create parts. Let PartsList do the rest.

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What is PartsList?

Arena’s cloud-based PartsList application is the first tool specifically designed to help engineers create BOMs in the innovation period of product development. The application automatically pulls documentation for parts, and gives easy access to availability and pricing information—taking your ECAD BOM to the next level.

$9 per month — free for personal use.

Who does PartsList help?

Independent inventors – Get concepts to market faster and more productively. PartsList offers an easy-to-to-use technology base for rapid parts research, and identification of parts and distributor selection during prototype development.

Very early-stage companies – Speed prototype development through easy integration with product development spreadsheets. Remain efficient and productive with limited resources, and get products to market before pricing bends to commoditization pressures.

Small and medium-sized businesses – Obtain better control, visibility and communication as the need for collaboration with internal and external suppliers becomes more complex. Import and export simply from spreadsheet files.

Mid-sized and large companies – Avoid time-to-market delays by increasing efficiency and margins, speeding prototype development, and gaining visibility into pricing details and data.

What does PartsList do?

Capture critical part information with one click.

If you’re browsing parts online, you can use the PartSaver bookmark to capture critical component information—including datasheets and vendor information. Create any number of parts lists, organize them however you like then share your lists with anyone who needs them.


Store part information and datasheets together in context.

PartsList automatically captures and stores datasheets alongside part information so it’s easy to see which datasheet goes with each part.

Return to the source to purchase your parts.

As you’re researching parts, it’s easy to retrace your steps and get more information about a part with a link to the distributor site. When you’re ready to purchase a part, the Buy button redirects you to the part page so you can add it to your shopping cart.

Share organized, actionable lists with anyone.

Export your PartsList to CSV to review or share your designs. And for easy collaboration with partners, export your parts list to PDX—a navigable, easy-to-read file format for build packages.

Compare Cost and Availability

Engineers can step through BOMs line by line, comparing the cost and availability of each part across multiple distributors.

Select a cost from the price break chart, and instantly collect distributor information: name, description, part number, unit cost, datasheet. Keep the fields you need, and dismiss the rest.

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Distributor Selection powered by Octopart
  • View redline designations to compare data to previous values; accept or reject data field by field.
  • See price breaks and in-stock quantities across multiple distributors.
  • Preview datasheets prior to selection.
  • Select distributor; no copying and pasting for distributor, part number fields.
  • Link to selected distributor/part number page to purchase.

PartsList makes BOMs for prototypes easier and faster than ever. Quickly collect data without copy-and-paste errors, understand exactly what is happening on each line, optimize cost, verify that datasheets are correct, select a distributor, purchase.

Create as many lists as you want, and organize them however you like.

PartsList stores datasheets, sourcing info and part information together in context to eliminate confusion as you’re building your parts list.

  • Create Simple BOMs
  • Build out your library
  • Collect interesting components

Grab part information from most major distributors.

$9 per month — free for personal use.