BOMs don’t belong in spreadsheets.

Innovate with confidence knowing everyone has the right version of the BOM.

Everything you need to build your product.

Your bill of materials (BOM) contains the parts and instructions that make your product a reality. Arena PLM keeps bill of material data centralized, controlled, and up-to-date—for fewer errors, less scrap and rework, higher quality and better cost control.

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arena plm redlines

You can’t do this in Excel.

Immediately see what’s changed in any version of your bill of materials with a simple toggle to Redline mode.

Stop wasting time with phone calls or notes explaining every small change you’ve made to your BOM. When you grant supplier access to your contract manufacturers, they can see for themselves exactly what you’ve modified and how it impacts the overall product.

arena plm bomcontrol item number

Compare multiple BOMs side-by-side to stay on top of product families.

Quickly compare multiple BOMs to see what has changed, or what is different. Optimize procurement and production with side-by-side bill of materials comparisons that reveal component needs across multiple product lines.

supplier item lookup

Use the Lookup BOM to stay on top of market availability.

Save valuable research time with the Lookup BOM view. Connect to Arena’s content partners to view item descriptions, and features such as market availability, lifecycle and environmental status.

Grab datasheets and related documents easily and store them directly in your BOM for future reference.

Assess the impact of your decisions and changes across the entire BOM.

Give your entire team visibility into every level of your BOM.

With BOM preview panels and where used panels accessible from each line in every BOM, you can move through your BOMs with ease. From top-level assembly to specific subassemblies and components, you can view specific item details, grab files and compliance information and review change order status at a glance—all without disrupting your flow.

bomcontrol substitutes view

Gracefully handle contingencies by specifying substitute items.

Avoid production delays by specifying acceptable part substitutions directly in the BOM. Arena PLM allows you to designate alternate items where you might want to use them instead of the primary item designated in the BOM. BOM substitutions improve your on-time deliveries and burst production capabilities by providing your manufacturing team built-in alternatives for hard-to-source parts.