Control your change process.

Reduce complexity and get stakeholders on the same page about important design and engineering changes.

Change "Things Will Change"

Hans Hartmann - COO - Fitbit

arena plm request review

Revisions are easy when everyone is on the same page.

Remove ambiguity in your engineering change orders with a multi-stage voting scheme that shows changes to one or many key stakeholders as you require their input.

Dramatically reduce your change order cycle time with a notification system that reminds participants to vote when their input is needed.

arena plm item redlines

Eliminate ambiguity when communicating product changes.

Send virtual change packages to stakeholders and suppliers anywhere in the world. Review and approve engineering change requests (ECR) and engineering change orders (ECO) from any location. With redlines and comment functionality, the Arena PLM engineering change management process is controlled and transparent, so you can confidently include your supply chain in your innovation efforts.

arena plm new change

Don’t leave part shortages—or other unexpected disruptions—undocumented.

Capture deviations, and send them out for approval and release with a time-based user notification flag on products under deviation. Arena PLM supports overlapping deviations and allows you to extend the expiration date or force expiration as needed.

Document the decisions that led to each deviation, and the associated approval process for a complete product history. For more complete change request management, Arena PLM offers detailed notification options.

Issue and Request Tracking

Improve design and manufacturability with built-in feedback loops.

arena plm requests

Collect all associated requests right in your product record.

Anyone with proper permissions can create a documented change request—which can include files, supporting reasoning and discussion history—and send it to the engineer that owns the product for more timely approvals. Capture field failures and product feedback from operations, customer care and your supply chain to make better sourcing, purchasing and design decisions.

Our engineering change request process connects incoming ideas to their corresponding items so engineers know which changes affect the items they manage.

arena plm request comments

Clearly document and preserve the complete history of your change decisions.

Capture the detailed cost, availability, compliance and market decisions that shape your design and manufacturing processes over time. Track approvals in threaded conversations, and control supplier participation in your process by hiding sensitive information in the discussion panel.

Gain insight into complex engineering change decisions as your product evolves over time. Arena PLM engineering change management preserves not only the changes you've made, but also the full history of what influenced those decisions.