$79 / Month / Seat
Average Price
Customer configurations vary
Annual subscription required

Large & Small

We've done business with startups in stealth mode and F500 OEMs with five digit seat counts. We’ll work with you. In the last eighteen months nine customers have successfully mounted IPOs and three have been acquired for more than $2 billion. Each. The bulk of these successful firms selected Arena in their infancy.

Uniquely Scalable

We earn our customer’s business every day. We have to. This is a result of our industry leading multi-tenant SaaS architecture. With our unique single instance of software, it scales up—or down—rapidly. You can mix and match your Arena purchase in a building block manner, almost Lego-like, at a pace that makes sense to your business needs and budget. Rolling out new modules and industry unique integrations is painless, whether it is a la carte or in more favorable bundelized pricing.

Supply Chain & Speed

Our PLM solutions are designed with supply chain in mind to accelerate your NPI. We offer three supply chain solutions. It’s all about collaboration, tying everything to the product record, security and speed. Our approach makes the connection of hundreds of suppliers easy, fast and surprisingly inexpensive. This ability to swiftly collapse your time to market is a maniacal focus for first movers, who not only outsource their manufacturing, but oftentimes their design as well.

Best Dollar Value

Our customers consistently tell us we’re the best and fastest return on their PLM investment, charging typically 15-25 cents on each license dollar for professional services. Many Arena alums have installed us at multiple companies over their career, as they've repeatedly witnessed the swift path to ROI. For example, med device companies rave over our Validation Services. We routinely do the validation protocol for them as part of each release enabling them to take advantage of it on the same day—not to mention saving up to $100,000.


Easy. This is a big reason our customers pick us. Being in the cloud, we’re the easiest to deploy. We’re also easy to work with. It's not a science project. It's because our comprehensive PLM and supply chain solutions are an application versus a toolkit. The difference in degree of complexity between these two PLM approaches in undertaking; provisioning, changes, security, upgrades and customization is significant. Arena's method also avoids the additional headcount and all those unnecessary third party consultants.


Will I pay the same amount for all users?

The $79 per user per month rate is a blended average based on our most typical Arena PLM account configuration, which includes various license types at slightly different costs.

Do you have any resources to help me get started?

Our Support Center organizes video tutorials into convenient learning tracks that offer all you need to know about getting started. If you have any questions, we have experts to step in and help at every point along the way.

If you have questions about any of these plans, get in touch with us. Call 1 (866) 937.1438 or Chat with us now.