Arena is at the heart of the world’s most innovative products.

We’re leveling the playing field for pioneering manufacturers around the world by streamlining tedious tasks and freeing companies to focus on their products.

We’re knocking down the barriers between great ideas and great products.

Arena helps innovative manufacturers bring better products to market faster with cloud-based applications that speed prototyping, reduce errors and help manufacturers collaborate on product changes across the globe.

Michelle and Kathy working

We’re inspired by our amazing customers.

Our customers make some of the coolest products around. What other job connects you to the innovators behind electric cars, holographic 3D modeling systems, green cleaning products, wearable HD cameras, wind turbines, robotic vacuums, lifesaving medical devices and thousands of other groundbreaking gadgets, devices, appliances, vehicles and packaged goods?

Manufacturers love the ease and flexibility of working with us to manage their product development and manufacturing, and they come back to us year after year as they develop new products. Working with Arena customers is, for many of us, the best part of the job.

We value our remarkable team and our supportive office culture.

We take pride in our vibrant culture and in our enthusiastic team of friendly people. We believe in meaningful work that offers intriguing challenges, all while respecting our rich lives outside of the office. Our Foster City office is bright and beautiful, with breathtaking views of the San Francisco skyline and spaces for work, play, and rich collaboration.

Craig and Mark playing table tennis

Arena helps customers manufacture innovation.




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