Your complete product record toolset.

A quick reference guide to the features of Arena PLM.

Bill of Materials (BOM) Management

Centralized BOM

Manage complex, multi-level product structures and ensure information accuracy via a single, centralized BOM that everyone in your organization accesses.

Unlimited BOM levels

View the complete assembly, subassemblies and components that make up your product in an indented format for easy scanning. Drill down one or many levels of the product structure.

BOM redlining

See what changed between two revisions of an assembly with clear markup of changes to quantity, name, number, reference designators, custom attributes, and more.

Complete BOM attributes

Track quantity, BOM notes, reference designators, and custom attributes tied to the specific assembly.

Configurable System BOMs

Add your own columns to Indented, Purchasing, Sourcing, and Redline BOMs to locate the information you need in the context where it matters.

BOM comparison

Compare multiple assemblies for differences in quantity, reference designator, and substitute items.

Reference designator verification

Automatically check that the number of reference designators on a BOM line matches the quantity field.


Designate different parts or down-revisions as permanently acceptable deviations to a primary line item within your BOM.

Flattened BOM

Roll up the quantity for each item across all levels of the BOM.

Function-specific BOMs

View every aspect of your product information with indented, flat, sourcing BOMs and more.

Customizable BOMs

Create your own BOM configurations to display only the attributes relevant to your business, and assign them to BOMs automatically by category.

Simple drill-down

Open the BOM in a separate window for browsing components while staying in context.

Bulk replacement

Replace a single part in many locations within one or multiple BOMs.

Prototype and production cost tracking

Track costs in prototyping and production at any level of the BOM using either estimated costs or active quotes.

Cost calculation

View rolled-up costs for an entire assembly, derived from quotes or estimates. View percentage costs, target cost and standard cost of any component or subassembly and provide aggregated visibility at any level of the BOM.

Cost breakdown analysis

Easily view the costing percentage breakdown across all levels of the indented BOM.

Import and Export

Easily import and export complete BOMs (including sourcing data) via a configurable wizard for .csv and .pdx (xml) or a standard downloadable bill of material (BOM) template. View CSV files in Excel or PDX files in Arena Exchange.

Purchase order tracking

Track PO details such as quantity, promise/receipt date and cost-to-support cost estimates based on actual purchase transactions.

Automatic unit-of-measure and cost conversion

Use automatic purchase-to-actual unit of measure conversion to generate cost-adjusted prototype and production estimates.

Scrubbing tool

Export your full BOM for scrubbing and re-import a corrected file for consistent, clean values.

BOM health checking and risk assessment

Access cloud databases to retrieve specification information about the manufacturer parts you use to source your items, including real-time market availability, lifecycle status, and risk assessment. View and download datasheets, compliance documents, and product change notifications from the manufacturer. Make sure your data is accurate or look for replacement parts with Supplier Item Lookup.

Full history

View complete product history with links to each related change order.

Costed history

Evaluate historical cost changes over different revisions across the product lifecycle.

Automatic notifications

Receive automatic notifications any time a BOM or its related data is versioned.

Import Redline View

See the results of your BOM import before it takes place, and back out if necessary.

See the BOM Management overview

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Compliance Management

Tracking across multi-level BOM

To enforce compliance for every subassembly and component, apply a requirement at the top-level and automatically propagate it to all line items in the BOM.

Tracking for items or AML

Apply requirements to your items or to the supplier items on your AML. Suppliers can upload evidence of compliance to the items they source.

Multiple requirements per item

Apply as many requirements as necessary, and view aggregated compliance status in high-level searches.

User-defined compliance requirements

Define any requirement, from government and regulatory directives (like RoHS, WEEE, Lead-free, UL and more) to internal checks unique to your business. Compliance support includes a RoHS-specific guide.

Work-in-progress compliance BOM

View compliance details for in-development versions of all line items in a BOM.

Compliance report (materials declaration)

Export a configurable materials declaration including evidence files.

Evidence location

Configure where evidence of compliance is found and exclude non-evidence files from the compliance report.

Non-compliant part flagging

Each item record includes a clearly visible icon to show compliance or non-compliance.

Configurable user guidance

Offer users inline instructions for filling out compliance fields.

Optional status reset

Enforce status checking on each new revision of an item by automatically resetting the status to unknown.

Category defaults

Apply requirements automatically to any new item created in a category.

Configurable compliance scope

Apply a requirement to all past revisions of an item or all future revisions.

Online database lookup

Connect to online databases for compliance information on RoHS, REACH, and Conflict Minerals, and download Materials Declarations for your manufacturer parts.

See the Compliance Tracking overview

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Change Management

Configurable change boards

Configure your approval process and reviewer involvement across each stage. Assign routings by change category for consistent review loops by change type.

Multi-stage voting

Require approvals at lower stages before routing changes to higher levels in the organization.

Automatic or manual routing

Select from multiple routing options to determine the amount of flexibility end users or administrators have in setting approval workflow and participants for a particular change order or category of change order.

Approval progress tracking

See the progress toward approval instantly with an integrated approval meter.

Configurable approval requirements

Set minimum approval requirements for each reviewer role, including unanimous, one or more, and optional.

Automatic notifications and reminders

Keep change and requests top-of-mind by automatically queuing and sending change order review notifications, reminders, and pending expiration notices, both inside Arena PLM and via email.

Engineering and manufacturing change requests

Manage product issues in a collaborative environment, and build promoted requests into change orders.

Supplier participation

Automatically notify suppliers any time one of their parts is affected by a change order or request, and selectively include them in collaborative approval process workflows.

BOM redlining

Easily identify differences between revisions of an assembly and subassemblies related to a specific change order.

Affected parents alert

Easily view affected assemblies for items added to a change order, and mitigate unauthorized revisioning by notifying subscribed users that a change to an item will affect parent assemblies.

Deviation support

Specify part variations, including multiple simultaneous deviations, with temporary change orders. Set effectivity periods and automatically notify affected parties of approaching expiration.

Material disposition tracking

Capture material disposition by material location and set effectivity dates at the item level, either for immediate-on-approval or for future use.

Custom inventory disposition fields

Set company-specific fields, such as location and disposition action, to reflect your disposition requirements.

Proxy voting

Enable delegation of change order voting if a reviewer is not available in the specified time frame.

Intelligent change order numbering

Automatically select the next sequential change number by prefix.

Customizable change and request forms

Use best-practice templates out of the box or customize them to create templates for each type of change order and request to meet the specific needs of your company.

Custom attributes

Create change order forms that meet your specific business requirements with custom, searchable attributes.

File attachments

Add any number of attachments to provide additional details and instructions about the change order or its implementation. Explain modifications on an ECO with datasheets, drawings, and markups, or attach design specifications to a document change request to fully define or support issues, recommendations, etc.

Confidential file protection

Mark any file as private, hiding it from all supplier users, even if they have access to the change order.

Multi-stage lifecycle

View dynamic graphical representations of change order or request status as well as available actions and outcomes for any lifecycle stage. View common-sense lifecycle rules to help determine the proper action to perform.

Implementation tracking

Document the implementation of a change order with files and notes. Allow suppliers to add their implementation information through special editing privileges. Users implementing change orders can notify others of their progress by setting an implementation status that’s visible throughout the workspace.

Change order completion

After a change has been processed and implemented, mark it as completed to signify no further work is required and, if desired, exclude it from future searches.


Specify unlimited change and request types and associate default attributes for each category, including number format and routing.

To-do list

Sort your to-do list into need-to and can-do with a multi-tabbed inbox on the main dashboard.

Streamlined change review

Review modifications across items while keeping the change open in a separate window.

Configurable reports

Analyze change aging, decision history, and more with multi-criteria reports. Save and share report formats, and even allow modification at run-time.

Closed-loop request tracking

Manage unlimited types of change requests (e.g. ECR, DCR, CAR, SCAR) with flexible workflows and evaluator groups. Define categories for easy request identification and intelligent numbering. Associate one or more requests with any change order to provide complete context for changes that address multiple issues.

Integrated issue management

Capture evaluator issues, comments, and recommendations within the context of a request. Clearly see which issues have been addressed and closed and which are still open for discussion.

Evaluation teams

Select appropriate users to evaluate each type of change request and specify the events for which they will receive electronic notification. Teams can be selected automatically by request category and users may add others as needed for ad hoc evaluation.

Customizable tracking codes

Assign company-defined request, deferral, and resolution codes to properly classify and report on change requests.

Full history

Capture the date, status, user, notes, and notified participants every time a request or change order is updated.

See the Change Management overview

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Demand Analysis

Material Demand Calculation

Calculate exact material demands for components or subassemblies based on manufacturing projections, and output the results for use in supplier negotiations, with Arena Demand.

Forecast or Manufacturing Supply Plan-based material calculation

Determine exact material quantities for components or subassemblies based on quarterly or monthly projections.

Flexible source inclusion

Choose whether or not to include approved supplier sources in your analysis.

Cost Integration

Include current prototype, production, target, or standard costs, or all of the above.

Full result export

Output analysis results to a spreadsheet for volume-discount leverage in supplier negotiations.

Repeatable Analyses

Collect all past analyses in a sortable list to run or edit at will.

See the Demand Analysis overview

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Business Intelligence

In-context analytics

Get automatically updated reports, charts, and graphs analyzing your product data inside Arena PLM, with Arena Analytics.

Workpace-wide visibility

Analytics dashboards can be made visible to any user with the necessary privileges, making monitoring simple and empowering users to address trends and bottlenecks proactively.

Versatile display and layout

Choose to show your data how you want—build line graphs, bar graphs, data tables and more in a customizable layout.

Automated PDF output

Set up scheduled exports of your dashboard data, emailed directly for weekly status meetings and executive reports.

Configurable dashboards

Start with the preconfigured Analytics dashboard, and construct one or more dashboards from an extensive set of metrics and reports focused on key areas such as product development cycle time, product quality trends, project performance and supply chain health.

See the Arena Analytics overview

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Project Management

Template-driven or ad-hoc project definition

Define customizable project templates to represent your high-level business processes, with phases, milestones and tasks for various types of projects (e.g., New Product Development/Introduction, Continuation engineering, Change order implementations, Quality management, and more), with Arena Projects. Start a project from scratch or use a template.

Product record integration

Link tasks to items, files, change orders, requests, and even other projects with bi-directional references that appear inline on the project schedule.

Revision-specific item linking

Build your Design History File with Projects that track Design Control Deliverables and demonstrate the evolution of product design documentation throughout the entire product lifecycle.

Project analysis tools

Output an Excel-ready spreadsheet including one or multiple Projects for further metric analysis. Reports are saved automatically for future reference and can be leveraged via Excel Web Query to update your spreadsheet.

Automatic notifications

Notify users (including suppliers) both in the application and via email of late phases, milestones, and new task assignments.

Bulk task assignments and updates

Update scheduled deadlines, reassign tasks, and update completion status in bulk.

Dashboard project center

View task assignments across multiple projects by status or due date.

Links outside the system

Tie your tasks to outside webpages or other systems with URL link support.

Event alerts

Receive alerts regarding recently completed or pending activities for a project or for individual items.

Trouble spot indicator

Scan late, unassigned and behind tasks easily with color coded status on the project schedule.

Assignment comments

Update any phase, milestone, or task with notes to share decision rationale or other information.

Root cause analysis

Identify and drill down into problems at the schedule, project or tracked item level. Navigate the full project schedule and up or down the product structure.

At-a-Glance Project Status

View current project status instantly with a multi-phase stage flowchart on every project page.

See the Project Management overview

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Supplier Collaboration

Approved vendor and manufacturer lists (AVL/AML)

Globally track a supplier as approved, disapproved or unrated. At a glance, view approved vendors and manufacturers for a given component along with other unapproved sources.

AML redlining

Quickly view differences between two approved manufacturer lists to evaluate change history.

Configurable access to change orders

Allow a supplier to view an approved change order, add them to the review board or allow them to add implementation notes and files.

Quick signup

Get suppliers and partners started quickly with email invitations to participate in design collaboration and simple online registration instructions.

Configurable access levels

Tailor or terminate user access rights without cumbersome IT administration and security vulnerability associated with behind-the-firewall applications.

High-visibility access

A complete Sharing BOM displays exactly which Suppliers have access to Items at every level of a multi-level BOM.

Supplier self service

Grant preferred suppliers self-service access to update vendor specifications, documentation, lead times, and quotes, along with participation in the change process.

Automatic notifications

Enable authorized users across organizational boundaries to subscribe to be notified any time their item, BOM or related data is revised.

Sourcing BOM

Identify all manufacturers and suppliers for items on a BOM with the Sourcing BOM.

In-context collaboration

Capture notes, discussions and product decisions directly on the product record, using Arena Scribe for commenting and following.

Item, BOM and change exports

Allow suppliers and design partners to export complete BOMs, including part information, specifications and drawings required to support their contractual commitments.

Centralized contact database

Centrally manage identification and account information for all suppliers and manufacturers including email, phone, and fax details for unlimited key contacts.

Configurable access to source relationships

Grant contract manufacturers and other partners access to your supply relationships, enabling them to source components through your supply chain.

Confidential file protection

Mark any file as private, hiding it from suppliers.

Costing visibility

Grant suppliers access to some or all costing information for a BOM or item.

Off-the-shelf vs. made-to-spec tracking

Record procurement method by tracking whether components are purchased off-the-shelf as a commodity product or made to your custom specifications.

Access to where-used

Grant suppliers access to where-used views to determine component use across assemblies.

AVL/AML versioning

Track history and control changes to the approved vendor and manufacturer lists of a component via flexible version control.

Supplier notes

Add detailed comments about specific suppliers to document capabilities and offerings.

Full vendor spec

Track full component specifications including supplier and manufacturer part numbers, part names and custom attributes.

Item number cross-reference

Associate internal part numbers with supplier and manufacturer part number for easy, accurate ordering.

File management

Track, store and associate manufacturing documentation such as datasheets, compliance documentation and application notes in a single centralized location that includes accessible file history.

Supplier and supplier item export

Easily export complete supplier and sourcing data via a configurable wizard for .csv and .pdx (xml) files.

Supplier restriction by IP

Restrict access according to location or facility by specifying allowed IP address ranges.

Supplier import

Import your full contact list with a guided process.

Import Redline View

See the results of your Supplier import before it takes place, and back out if necessary.

Access logging

See when your suppliers are online and review their access for up to 90 days.

AML/AVL Ranking

Mark your preference for each approved Manufacturer and Vendor for an Item by specifying a numeric rank.

Split sourcing percentages

Distribute sourcing across one or more suppliers to mitigate single-source risks.

See the Supplier Collaboration overview

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Quality Management

Flexible workflow

Create processes to address ISO, FDA, anything you need. The flexible system supports any quality processes you are already running, or those you intend to roll out.

Template-driven process creation

Set up process templates that match the way you manage quality at your business with steps, sign-offs, and attributes that work for you—users select from your custom forms when creating new processes.

Preconfigured sample forms

Arena Quality includes preconfigured editable templates for CAPA, 8D and NCMR.

Supplier participation

Supplier users can create and manage their own quality processes and access the processes in which they participate.

Sign-off steps

Require approval from a set of users—even suppliers—before progressing to the next step in a process. Send reminders when approvers have not voted, and enter proxy decisions when necessary.

High-visibility flagging

Keep users aware of quality-affected Items, BOMs and more, with in-context flags in search results and data records.

CAPA support

Manage corrective and preventive actions in step-by-step processes with Arena Quality, and connect each step of the workflow to items, files, field failure reports, issues, change requests, change orders and more.

Responsibility assignment

Assign an entire process or each step of a process, generating email and in-app reminders when due dates approach.

Electronic signature sign-off

Require sign-off on steps, including capture of 21 CFR Part 11 compliant electronic signature.

Regulatory database links

Link any step of a process to an outside system, so users have access to all relevant information with a click.

Single-instance collaboration

Focus the entire team on the same quality records with local and outsourced stakeholders, ensuring synchronization to a common dataset. All stakeholders have visibility, right in the product record.

Automatic history

Review quality processes from the inception of an initiative with automatically preserved history for each process, for auditable and traceable records.

Configurable reports

Output detailed reports for a selected set of quality processes, and save often-used report configurations for easy reuse.

See the Quality Management overview

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Document Management

Version Control

Retain and access each step of document development with saved file editions.

Confidential file protection

Target access for internal users to easily lookup only the documents that are relevant to them. And to control specific access for supplier users, mark any file as private, hiding it from all supplier users, or specify which file categories a user may access.

Markup support

Add file markups to any file record, detailing proposed changes for inclusion in a change order or change request.

Design History File (DHF)

Track product evolution through development and production phases.

Multiple storage options

Store file on the Arena servers or host them on your own web or ftp site.

Document search

Locate documents by performing powerful attribute search or by searching associations including items, suppliers, requests and changes.

Product record integration

Link files to Items, Requests, Change, Requests and more.

Remote file upload

Collect files from across your company using Arena FileDrop. Review files in the cloud before accepting or rejecting them, streamlining file handoffs and reducing errors.

Custom Item Lifecycle Phases

Create new phases in your Item lifecycle to reflect your existing business processes and accurately track product development.

File version control

Control documents under full version control with user-defined edition numbers and complete history.

Dynamic inbound file links

Create a permanent “smart” URL that links to the latest effective revision of a file, even as new revisions are released. Perfect for assembly instructions, datasheets, support documents, SOPs, manuals and more.

File check-in and checkout

Ensure accurate updating of shared documents in a collaborative environment.

See the Document Management overview

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Item Management

Complete part specifications

Capture and associate all critical part data including drawings, specifications, and data values in a single location.

Revision control

Lock down product information once it reaches a known good state so that you can clearly identify and communicate in-development, effective, and superseded versions of each item.

Automatic part number generation

Automatically generate and assign part numbers in user-definable formats that can include company-specific commodity codes and serialized sequences.

Where-used visibility

See a list of all assemblies in which an item appears.

Custom attributes

Configure attributes to capture the details of your part specifications that matter to your business. Choose from free text fields, drop-down menus, date, or number fields.


Define multi-level categories, and extend the item master record with category-specific attributes and default settings.

Item thumbnails

Add a thumbnail image to any item for quick identification—use JPGs, PNGs, or even the first page of a PDF.

Specification redlining

View differences between revisions of an item, with clear formatting to show deletions and additions.

Component Data Capture

Accurately capture and import vendor part data into Arena PLM from component source sites like Arrow, Avnet, Digi-Key, Mouser and more.

Bulk item editing

Edit attribute values for multiple items simultaneously.

Working modification flags

Identify items that have been modified with color-coded flags throughout the application.

Change and request visibility from item records

Quickly identify items and assemblies affected by changes or requests, so you are always aware of outstanding issues.

Selective roll back

Undo item modifications without affecting critical work in progress.

Automatic revision sequences

User-defined revision sequences can be set by lifecycle stage and applied automatically when a part is revised.

Import and Export

Easily import and export item information (including sourcing data) via a configurable wizard for .csv and .pdx (xml). View CSV files in Excel or PDX files in Arena Exchange.

Import Redline View

See the results of your item import before it takes place, and back out if necessary.

Unlimited file attachments

Upload files of any format to items, or add links to a URL/FTP location. Capture complete item history by associating documents with specific item revisions, and associate files with multiple objects.

Multi-stage lifecycle

Visually track the status of an item as it moves from concept to design to production.

Deprecation flagging

Know when items have been deprecated for use in future designs with color-coded flags on BOMs, search results, and more.

Multiple design paths

Create an exact item duplicate to branch development on multiple design paths. Duplicates include with complete historical context including the complete change history and compliance information.

Automatic notifications

Stay on top of new information with automatic email notifications any time an item or its related data is revised.

Activity logging

View activity log identifying user, action performed, and item revision affected.

See the Item Management overview

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Enterprise Integration

Cloud-based Single Sign-On

Minimize typical issues of password synchronization by extending Active Directory or LDAP to include authentication of Arena systems.

MCAD Integrations

Access and update Arena PLM without leaving your MCAD system, creating new items and updating existing items.

Scheduled outputs

Configure recurring outputs of your product data using Arena DataExtract, ready for consumption by downstream analysis and Business Intelligence tools.

Arena API

Connect Arena PLM to CAD, ERP, or the tools you build yourself, creating and updating records in Arena PLM or a target system programmatically with our robust and industry-standard REST-based API.

ERP Exchange

Keep product data stored in external ERPs up to date automatically, with automatic connections and visible status alerts.

Integrated Supplier Component Lookup

Gain critical visibility into component details across your entire product line with searches of supported electronic component databases within Arena. See BOM health, risk status, market availability and compliance information. Quickly access specifications and download datasheets.

EDA integrations

Reconcile a local database with component data from Arena PLM, send change order approval details to your EDA system, and keep your EDA tool’s library up to date with electronic component data and design history from Arena PLM.

See the Enterprise Integration overview

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Flexible, persistent search

Search for components and assemblies, change orders, requests and more using multiple criteria including categories, attribute values and more—then save search criteria to run the same search any time.

Browsing history

Return to a recently viewed item with one click.

Save Anything to CSV

Export virtually any page of tabular data to Comma Separated Values (CSV) format for viewing convenience.


Access any Arena PLM record with one click from saved links on the main Dashboard page. Configure your links in a directory structure with drag and drop functionality.

Configurable reports

Specify complex criteria to filter, sort and download item data. Save and share report formats, and even allow modification at run-time.

Simple Search

Retrieve search results based on multiple attributes in any world.

Fine-Tuned Access Control

Define Employee and Partner access by specifying categories of Items, Files, Requests and Changes a user can view.

Responsive Support

Get quick answers from a help system available on every page, or contact the Arena Support team with questions, suggestions or problems.

Personalized workspace

Upload your company logo for display on every page of Arena PLM.

Local Time Zone Settings

Set your local time zone, or default to a time zone for the workspace, for all times displayed in the workspace.

Two-factor authentication

When logging in from an unknown computer, additional security is added by requiring users to prove their identity through authentication codes sent to phone or email.

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Arena Exchange

Unlimited sharing

Invite unlimited users to share, discuss, and approve build packages.

Open-ended collaboration

Collaborate with suppliers on a single set of data, ensuring everyone sees exactly the same information, all in a virtual meeting in the cloud.

Files from any system

Collaborate around PDX files generated from any PLM system.

Multi-level collaboration

Extend the discussion to all interested parties by allowing your supplier users to invite their suppliers.

Tracked Discussion

Review discussion history for the entire collaboration.

File Upload and Download

Share relevant files of any type within the collaboration session.

Real-time approvals

Monitor status approvals in real time and be notified when approvals are entered.

Simple sign-up

Collaborate seamlessly without a burdensome sign-up process. Account creation requires only a name, username, and password.

See the Arena Exchange overview

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