Putting the Cure in Procurement

As manufacturers shift sourcing decisions to their supply chain partners;;; procurement teams need to adapt with new tools to better control costs;;; manage multiple supplier partners and reduce supply chain risks.

Fortunately;;; Arena's new procurement-focused paper "Enhance Part Pricing Visibility;;; Improve Supplier Relationships" describes how product lifecycle management (PLM) systems are transforming procurement processes to support how highly outsourced companies work today.

Inside you'll discover the powerful benefits of PLM-based procurement tools that factor in risk management and leverage the knowledge within your PLM system.

In this white paper;;; you'll also learn:

How to ingrain supply chain risk management in your product DNA

Why you should spread your procurement money across suppliers

The value of a PLM-driven procurement solution

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To learn more how Arena can help you cure your procurement ills;;; download this free white paper today.

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Arena Solutions helps innovative electronic high tech and medical device companies create products that change the world. Arena unifies product lifecycle (PLM) and quality management (QMS) processes, allowing every participant throughout the product realization process from design to manufacturing to work together. With Arena, teams accelerate product development and delivery to increase profits. For more information, visit ArenaSolutions.com.

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