Drive Supply Chain Efficiency

Meet Operational Goals through Design Collaboration

Enable your product team to deliver on-time.

  • With Arena, supply chain partners, in-house product teams, and design partners collaborate on product design. As a result, your product design can be manufactured according to a predictable schedule.
  • If a surprise issue—like a part shortage—arises, Arena helps speed a fix to maintain production momentum.

Collaborate for Delivery Goals

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Send the product design information your supply chain partners need—the first time.

  • Arena sends released product design information to your authorized partners. You define design packages including parts, drawings, assembly instructions, and specifications. The design package is complete, accurate, and ready to use.
  • When a partner reviews the design, Arena tracks all activity.
RGB Testimonial

“Traceability and implementation effectively went from ‘can’t get there from here’ to ‘already been there, done that.’ And production failures based on BOM errors or incorrectly implemented changes crashed to near zero.”

— Doug Tornio, Records Manager, RGB SpectrumRGB Quote

Reduce quality issues, improve accuracy, and avoid scrap and rework.

  • Arena releases well reviewed designs to ERP or other downstream systems. This results in accurate planning and procurement processes using the latest revisions of parts, assemblies, and related documentation.
  • If a product problem arises, Arena speeds a solution. Arena’s formal quality processes are part of a closed-loop system. Quality processes connect with engineering change processes and training.

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At Arena, we help both leading and emerging product companies drive supply chain efficiency.