Empower Innovation

Streamline Processes to Meet Goals

Minimize meetings and free engineers to solve problems.

  • Arena speeds change orders through a formal, yet flexible process. With fewer meetings and interruptions, engineers can focus on more important work.
  • Internal and external product teams collaborate quickly on their design and development.
Nutanix Testimonial

“The most successful part of our Arena implementation is the collaboration with our contract manufacturers.”

Michelle Lee, PLM Project Manager, Nimble StorageNimble Storage

Be confident that all product information from concept to launch is available anytime.

  • Arena provides your product team instant access to product information, including the product design. This means your product can be built, tested, packaged, shipped, and supported as envisioned.
  • All impacted team members are notified of product changes, ensuring everyone has the latest design.

“The rapid evolution of technology and outsourced manufacturing has created new opportunities, but also new challenges and risks.”

From Arena White Paper – Intelligent BOM Management for Today’s Product Innovators

Avoid delays by making your extended product team part of your product change review cycle.

  • Arena enables informal and formal cross-functional reviews that reduce errors early in the process. Partners can evaluate, approve, and reject proposed changes due to supply chain requirements.
  • You can deliver your product faster with improved accuracy and clear traceability. Arena enforces a formal, streamlined engineering change process.

Enable full team input on product changes

See PLM Overview

At Arena, we help both leading and emerging product companies develop innovative products.