According to an Aberdeen Group report, embedding quality and design control processes within a PLM solution can reduce internal and external failure costs by more than 50% and reduce the total cost of quality by 8%.

But an alarming number of med devs go bankrupt due to bad advice that supports investments in disparate design systems. Unfortunately, NPI delays, scrap, rework and an increase in costly risk make these manufacturing execs realize too late that everything they were told about design was "wrong".

This medical device white paper proves when quality is embedded in the product design and development cycle — coupled with modern risk management tools — supply chain oversights, employee missteps and product design errors can be dramatically reduced.

In this white paper, you'll discover:

  • How to increase operating margin 25%

  • Reduce failure costs 29% with integrated PLM and quality tool

  • The best next generation design solutions for medical devices

  • Integration strategies for reducing obsolescence and counterfeit part risks

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