Success Strategies of Operations Executives Conf

No one feels the pain of a distributed organizational structure more than operations managers.

For example, a few years ago, Boeing’s Dreamliner suffered a mid-flight battery fire on a 787 out of Boston and a smoldering battery on a following flight to Japan. Turns out, the cheap parts in the 787’s power distribution panels were coming from supply chain subcontractors working outside the view of Boeing’s operations managers.

Guess who got blamed? Operations managers.

Arena understands the huge responsibility of managing a globally dispersed supply chain team in an increasingly competitive market. Operations managers are expected do it all: select contractors, approve vendor lists, evaluate proposals and ramp product delivery.

Managing so many tasks at once often leaves operations executives pondering questions like these:

Can I create and manage a flexible, secure global supply chain?

How can I efficiently communicate product data to dispersed partners?

How can I better negotiate component prices?

What product development solution will maximize my supply chain results?

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