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Manufacturers of complicated electronic products must manage, track and store hundreds — if not thousands — of parts in their product development processes. And every time a new part is added to a company's library, it can cost $15k in time and effort to qualify and rollout.

That's serious money. And that's why choosing the proper part numbering scheme to reference your parts is critical to your manufacturing business's success. In Arena's Part Numbering eBook, you'll learn how to choose the best part numbering scheme for your business.

The findings revolve around the following topics:

Pros and Cons of Intelligent & Non-Intelligent Part Numbering

Considerations for Choosing Your Part Numbering Scheme

Managing Part Numbers in Your Business

How Arena Handles Part Numbers with Real World Examples

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In fifteen years of working with manufacturers of all sizes, Arena has developed deep insights into the different approaches and best practices of part numbering. These findings can be yours. Download the Part Numbering eBook today.

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