2 Types of EDA Adapters

Say goodbye to obsolete part selection.

The Arena EDA Adapter keeps your component library up-to-date so engineers can make better design decisions and maximize reuse of preferred parts.

How the standard integration works:

Arena PLM provides one central location for all product definition data, from part numbers to part lifecycle status, and from datasheets to costing information. The Arena EDA Adapter maintains the EDA tool’s library with electronic component data from Arena PLM.

eda integration flow
  1. Component data for use in schematic design is securely stored and available for review, analysis, and change management processes in Arena PLM.
  2. Arena EDA Adapter reconciles the local database with updated component data in Arena PLM.
  3. The EDA tool interfaces with the local database using ODBC.

The Arena EDA Adapter supports:


Altium Designer

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mentor graphics

Xpedition xDX Databook and PADS Data Management

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OrCAD Capture CIS

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How the advanced EDA adapter works:

The Arena-OrCAD Bi-directional integration provides the ability to connect these various data sources together. It links the business level component data in your Arena PLM system with the engineering data in your OrCAD component database.

Arena-OrCAD Bi-directional Integration

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Arena – Altium Integration with EDAConnect

Enabling Collaboration Across Entire Product Team

When bringing a new product to market, product team collaboration throughout the product lifecycle improves quality, shortens cycle times, and reduces costs. Integrating Altium Designer with Arena’s product development platform enables collaboration on design data and product processes with minimal engineering overhead.