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Arena Projects is a cloud-based, high-level project management solution with easy-to-use scheduling and task assignment capability. The schedule is linked to the product record at all schedule levels, allowing global collaboration around items, changes, files, and tasks. Comprehensive reporting supports a generation of detailed project metrics across different product lines.

What does it do?

Projects allows Arena PLM users to flexibly track project progress through customizable phases with assignable milestones and tasks, so that projects are finished efficiently and on time. Referencing links to items, changes, files, requests, and even other Arena projects gives users the ability to confirm task completion by seeing direct updates to the product record in context.

Global collaboration through schedule notes and detailed statuses keeps teams aligned. Full reporting of all project data across the workspace allows users to pull data for detailed cross-project analysis.

Value Proposition

Bringing high tech products to market is a complicated process. Your product has custom and purchased parts, mechanical pieces, electronics, and a unifying concept that must travel across different time zones to be properly built, tested, and shipped. Tie product record to product schedule to increase visibility. Arena Projects can help you simplify the process.

Who Cares?

Executives who want a visible and cohesive product design and delivery process to ensure execution, avoid missteps, and track accountability.

What’s Unique? Direct Link to Product Record

A unique feature of Arena Projects is the ability to link all schedule levels to the product record, allowing global collaboration. In addition, Arena stores product data in the cloud, offering maximum visibility into the project schedule and product data worldwide. Anywhere. Anytime.


Arena Projects allows Arena PLM users to flexibly track project progress through customizable phases, assignable milestones, and tasks to ensure timely completion of projects. Your entire product team — from design to production, no matter where they are — can now connect your product record directly to your schedule. Now you can see product progress in context, increase change visibility, and drive efficient, accurate development like never before.

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  • Project schedule links directly to product record
  • Cloud-based supply chain collaboration platform
  • Flexible progress-tracking and comprehensive reporting tools

Project managers get detailed, flexible control of deliverables and visibility into project
schedules, all while keeping their design partners and supply chain up to date.


Collaborate globally on new product introductions, detailed manufacturing, and development efforts. Manage with direct assignment of tasks to users with built-in notifications and exacting references to change orders. Collapse time to market.

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Connect the product record directly to product schedule to see product progress. Increase change visibility and drive efficient, accurate development at a high level.

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Reference links to items, changes, files, requests, projects, and any other application links give users the ability to confirm task completion by seeing direct updates to the product record in the schedule context.


Enhance project visibility through detailed analysis of comprehensive project data sets. With workspace wide reporting, managers can identify exactly where projects are behind so they can make business decisions real-time to get things back on track.

executive visibility

Improve executive visibility so as to make informed product portfolio decisions, and to deploy resources where they are needed.


Control development investments and timelines to ensure your company is tracking alongside your business plan.