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Managing items in Arena accelerates product realization processes by providing clarity around your product design. Arena structures part and document information into a complete and accurate item record because detailed item management is also important to accurately configure your hierarchal bill of materials (BOM) structures.

What Does It Do?

Item management helps you define and control your parts and associated documents to deliver high quality products to market. Items may include purchased components and manufactured assemblies and each item can reference engineering drawings, specifications, work instructions, and/or SOPs. Each purchased part can designate one or more approved manufacturers and suppliers (AML/AVL) and is subject to change control.

Eliminating Ambiguity

A complete and accurate item record facilitates all related product processes including purchasing, engineering changes, quality/CAPA management, project management, component demand aggregation, and employee training management. Every item is connected with these product processes for increased visibility throughout the product lifecycle. With instant access to the latest item release, your product team can deliver the right products to market quickly.

Who Cares?

Managing Items in Arena provides you with a single system to manage all product records and processes. Everyone on the product team will be assured they always use the right parts at the right time.

  • Engineers can easily identify, define, and capture associated specifications for purchased parts from supplier websites.
  • Supply chain partners can review and download the latest drawings, AML information, instructions, and procedures to ensure delivery of quality products fast.
  • Component engineers can document replacements for long lead-time, expensive, or end-of-life components.
  • Procurement teams can review and consider pending AML changes before placing orders.

What’s Unique

Arena controls all your item information in context with related BOMs, engineering changes, quality records, projects, aggregated component demand, and training plans. This enables the ability to automatically notify employees for retraining whenever SOPs or other process documents change. With Supplier Item Lookup, you can view component market availability, datasheets, and compliance information within Arena.


Managing items in Arena instills confidence with your product team that parts are well-defined, current, and controlled. This results in fewer surprises, improved processes, and delivery of high quality products.

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  • Controls critical item details for components, assemblies, software, documents, and your AML/AVL
  • Stores past and pending revisions of item records
  • Links items to all related product processes including engineering changes and quality records
Provides Visibility

Provides visibility throughout the product realization team

accelerate compliant products

Accelerates introduction of compliant products that can be sourced on-time

Item Management Helps Reduce Issues

Includes related product processes to reduce issues and speed time to market

Save Overhead with a Single System

Reduces administrative overhead and cost with single system or record