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Arena Analytics
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Arena Analytics value is very high. Arena continues to push the product and add new functionality quickly – we like seeing that growth.”

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— An Nguyen | Director of Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance

Key Capabilities

Explore Arena's product realization platform capabilities

What is Arena Analytics? analytics logo

Arena Analytics (powered by GoodData) is a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) solution that provides quick and easy insights into your product and quality processes.

By providing visual clarity into critical business data and key product performance indicators, Arena Analytics ensures critical new product introduction (NPI) processes and all product processes are continuously improving for optimal business results.

What Does It Do?

Arena Analytics supports the creation of customizable dashboards that focus on key performance indicators (KPIs) for product cycle times, quality trends, project performance and supply chain health. Reports, at your elected schedule, are displayed directly in your Arena dashboard.

Value Proposition

Arena Analytics visually conveys the operational health of product and quality related processes, providing you and your team with the insights to make better business decisions.

Intuitive dashboards can be configured quickly and easily. No IT resources or ever-expanding budget. No need to requisition legions of additional resources. And—no waiting.

Who Cares?

Arena Analytics enables everyone from executives to project managers to examine key product and quality process performance.

  • Executives gain insights and visibility into KPIs at-a-glance
  • Teams have visual metrics to analyze trends
  • Everyone has visual access to see the “big picture”

What’s Unique

  • Analytics is a cloud-based BI solution
  • It eliminates the need to invest in IT resources to build an on-premises BI infrastructure
  • Dashboards can be accessed directly in Arena
  • Arena provides the complete infrastructure
  • Analytics is a fraction of the cost of other BI solutions


Arena Analytics helps manufacturers monitor process status and performance trends, empowering your key stakeholders.

Because Arena has been extended to address a broad array of product realization processes, the information can be mined for quick analysis.

Analytics helps companies maximize their Arena investment to gain insights for continuous improvement of business processes.

Transforming Business Process Insights

Learn how Kymeta, Enphase, and InraOp gained power over processes with Arena Analytics

See how three leading companies utilize product analytics in their organizations.

Arena Analytics
  • Easy to configure dashboards target product and quality processes to focus on key KPIs
  • Provides robust reporting and metrics
  • Reports are created once and automatically updated

Arena Analytics makes visible the key performance indicators (KPIs)
product teams need to quickly recognize trends and make informed business
decisions. With Arena Analytics, you can:


See the big picture quickly

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Proactively monitor process status and performance trends

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Take proactive action and reduce risk within your organization


Avoid spending hours updating spreadsheets with new data

On Average, analytics investments return $13.01 for every $1 spent.

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O204—2014 Analytics Market Survey

Reduces Risks with Proactive Visibility

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