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QUALITY TALK – January 2022

Arena Solutions
Embrace Digital Now

Reasons to Embrace Digital Now

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Are you ready to go digital?

Now more than ever, manufacturers must adapt quickly to pandemics, natural disasters, and other supply chain disruptions to stay ahead of the competition.

Learn why a digital transformation with Cloud QMS is essential to help you not only survive but thrive amid any disruption.


Achieving Commercialization and Compliance Success

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As a pioneer of smart medical devices, Potrero needed a more robust system to manage its quality processes and ensure FDA, ISO, and European Union compliance.

After transitioning from a paper-based system to Arena QMS, Potrero was able to accelerate closed-loop quality processes and resolution cycle times and meet compliance goals.

Read on to see the full results.

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Tip of the Month

QMS Tip: Form-Fit-Function

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Adherence to the form-fit-function (FFF) rules prevents production delays and more importantly, ensures product quality and consistency.

Tip: Using Arena QMS, you can control part revisions and verify with suppliers that your parts meet the necessary FFF requirements.

Form-Fit-Function Rules    |    Toll-Free 866.937.1438

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