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QUALITY TALK – April 2022

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Ensure Resilient Supply Chains

3 Ways to Ensure Resilient Supply Chains

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Managing the complex designs that drive today’s medical devices requires frequent and real-time collaboration across the supply chain.

However, it has become extremely difficult for manufacturing companies to communicate effectively and gain the necessary visibility into their supply chain partners’ ecosystems.

This puts their new product introduction (NPI) at risk as they encounter part shortages due to the pandemic and other unforeseen disruptions.

Here are three tips to improve collaboration and stability across your supply chain and drive NPI success.

Tip of the Month

QMS Tip: Keeping Your Suppliers in the Loop

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Strategic collaboration with your supply chain is key to ensuring high-quality products are built on time and under budget.

How you communicate with your suppliers will depend on the type of information that’s shared.

Whether it’s sharing information at a component level for quoting, specification, and production planning or sharing files and build packages for product assembly—keeping suppliers embedded in your process will help foster greater visibility and accelerate innovation.

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Engineering Change Management

Optimizing Engineering Change Management in a Virtual World

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Engineering change management is an integral part of new product development and introduction (NPDI).

Yet, engineering changes are often managed with manual processes. And as teams become more dispersed, it can be difficult to drive efficient reviews and approvals.

Learn how you can leverage a cloud-based product development solution to implement a virtual, real-time change management process and get products to market faster.

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