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QUALITY TALK – January 2021

Arena Solutions
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Practical Help for Buying Software

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Whether this is your first or 10th time buying software, this definitive guide is the shortest path to the right solution for your needs. Our new guide is the one everyone has always wanted for software purchasing and no one has written—until now. The free guide is chock-full of practical steps, insider tips, and proven tools you can use for any software purchase from PLM and QMS to ERP and MES.

Get the Definitive Guide

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RefleXion: Saying No to Paper Processes From the Beginning

#customerstory #lifesciences

Imagine taking on cancer. RefleXion is revolutionizing cancer treatment with biology-guided radiotherapy (BgRT) to use signals cancer itself emits to guide immediate treatment. With such groundbreaking work, their team decided to begin their processes as they meant to go on—putting in place a design control system for scaled success.

Design Control Foundation

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Five Tips to Passing FDA Audits

#audit #wisdom

We’ve rounded up the candid advice of Class II manufacturers right after passing their first post-market FDA and ISO inspection audits. To help others, they’ve shared what worked and what didn’t. Read on for their stories.

Lessons Learned

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Be Authentic

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Defining company culture can be tough work. We know. In 2020, Arena set out to write down and get agreement on core values. We knew what mattered but needed to express it in writing. If your team faces this same challenge, we’re sharing how we did it.

Values That Count

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