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PRODUCT TALK – January 2021

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Practical Help for Buying Software

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Whether this is your first or 10th time buying software, this definitive guide is the shortest path to the right solution for your needs. Our new guide is the one everyone has always wanted for software purchasing and no one has written—until now. The free guide is chock-full of practical steps, insider tips, and proven tools you can use for any software purchase from PLM and QMS to ERP and MES.

Get the Definitive Guide

High Tech Device

SIONYX: Excelling in Multiple Markets Requires Focus, Teamwork, and the Right Tools

#customerstory #defenseindustry

SIONYX’s commercial award-winning night vision cameras demonstrate how the company is on target to provide the most accessible digital night vision technology in the world. SIONYX expanded to work in the defense sector. Read on to learn how they stepped up to the challenge of expanding to the defense sector, meeting new customer and regulatory requirements in record time.

A Compliant Foundation

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Two Ways to Lower Supply Chain Costs

#supplychain #wisdom

Every product company reaches a decision point—negotiate costs with current supplier or find a lower-cost supplier. Which one do you choose? What goes into that decision? What are the risks? Once you decide, how do you make it all work? We cover all these questions and many more.

Your Supply Chain Path

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Be Authentic

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Defining company culture can be tough work. We know. In 2020, Arena set out to write down and get agreement on core values. We knew what mattered but needed to express it in writing. If your team faces this same challenge, we’re sharing how we did it.

Values That Count

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